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A 3-in-1 Beast
The Hylo is the newest portable innovation from the White Rhino team and it utilizes convection heating, ensuring combustion or burning of herbs. Capable of vaping waxy oils, dry herbs and concentrates, it only takes Hylo 45 seconds to reach one of the three temperature settings (Low: 374°F, Medium: 392°F, or High: 410°F). Considered by many to be one of the finest portable vaporizers on the market, the Hylo features a patented design and comes in 8 different colors. Discreet enough to carry in your pocket with a lightweight, slim body style, the Hylo features a twist-off mouthpiece and ‘bullet’ loading system, which reduces cleaning and maintenance times.


Compatible with dry herbs, concentrates and waxy oils
Zero combustion
Variable heat setting (374°-410°F)
3-click locking mechanism


Material:  Dry herb/concentrates/liquid waxes
Heat Time: 45 seconds
Temp Settings: 3 (Low: 374°F, Medium:392°F, or High: 410°F)
Charge Time: 1.5 hours
Dimensions: 7.5” h x  4.25" w  x 2.5" d
Battery: 2200-mAh battery
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty (Battery)

In The Box

Hylo vaporizer
Vaporizer stand
Waxy oil bowl
Dry herb bowl
Oil bowl
Packing tool
USB charger
Wall charger
3x Replacement screens

About The Brand

Since 2010 White Rhino Products has been a leading innovative company specializing in the industry of electronic vaporizers and e-juice products. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of White Rhino vaporizers.

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