Cloud Evo by Vapexhale
 Cloud Evo by Vapexhale
 Cloud Evo by Vapexhale
 Cloud Evo by Vapexhale
 Cloud Evo by Vapexhale


Cloud Evo


The Cloud EVO by VapeXhale vaporizer is an upgrade to their award winning Cloud Vaporizer and represents a true advancement. Featuring an all glass air path which VapeXhale's calls its "Perpetuheat Heating System," the air path running through the center of the Cloud EVO crafted from borosilicate glass, creating quick, consistent and non-eroding heat and ensuring stellar vapor flavor with no harshness. The Cloud EVO vaporizer features an 18.8mm male ground glass tip that allows for easy connection to their Hydratube or any glass piece you have, essentially adding a water filtration layer to the vapor.


All glass air path
PerpetuHeat Heating System
Can be attached to a water pipe
Made in the USA


Material:  Dry herb and concentrates
Heat Time: 2 minutes
Heat Type: Convection
Temp Settings:  Variable (range is 200° F – 500° F)
Dimensions: 8" h x 3” w x 3.25” d
Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)
Warranty:  2 years

In the Box

Cloud EVO Vaporizer
Glass Mouthpiece
2x EZ Load Bowls
2x VapeXNails (for concentrates)
Power Cord

About the Brand

Founded by a former stuntman who discovered vaporizing as a way to manage his pain, VapeXhale is dedicated to developing innovative technology and amazing products that make people’s lives better.  The company is know for their Cloud Evo vape and the Hyrdatube, which creates a glass water filtration system.

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