The Herbalizer by Herbalizer
 The Herbalizer by Herbalizer
 The Herbalizer by Herbalizer
 The Herbalizer by Herbalizer
 The Herbalizer by Herbalizer


The Herbalizer


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What If NASA Created A Vape?
Created by a group of former NASA engineers, the might Herbalizer is truly one of the best desktop vaporizers on the market.  Its heat source is a purpose built 300 watt Halogen bulb which is controlled by a 16-bit processor that is tuned to a super fast in-air sensor.  This provides a stunning level of precision in terms of temperature settings.  The temperature range 290° F to 445° F, the exact temperature at which dry herb begins to combust. It also heats in15 seconds. In addition to the impressive technology the Herbalizer provides versatility, featuring two modes of use: Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy (see below for more information on this).  For relief and enjoyment at the speed of light you cannot do better than the Herbalizer vaporizer.


Configurable display (°C or °F)
Optional assisted delivery
For use with dry herb, waxes and liquids
Created by former NASA engineers
Made in the USA
Precise temperature control
Coolgrips insulated chamber
Squeezevalve balloon system
Forced-air assisted delivery system
Whip & balloon system (dual-function)
Custom halogen bulb heating element
Magnetic bowl

More About This Device

Developed by former NASA engineers, the team that created the Herbalizer vaporizer spent over $1 million nearly five years doing research, development is testing. Given all that went into this vaporizer we at SmokeSmith Gear felt that it deserved a deeper explanation.  Below please find additional features benefits:

Two Modes of Use
The Herbalizer is a marvel of versatility, allowing a user to consume dry herbs, waxes and oils with equal ease. This achieved through the two modes of use:  Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy. 

The Aromatherapy mode allows the user to diffuse aromatic essential oils into the air to create a using the included pads.  This, in essence, is a passive way of enjoyment, creating a relaxing environment for you and your friends. In Vaportherapy mode you can vaporize your dry herb and/or wax using either the included whip or via balloon inhalation. In whip mode, you attach the medical grade tubing to the loading chamber and inhale. The unit features a fan for use in whip mode provides for an assisted draw (and more dense vapor production). In balloon mode a user simply employs the included Squeeze Valve balloons, which take about one minute to fill.

Purity and Safety
The Herbalizer's components are inert - meaning they don't off-gas or impart flavor. From the quartz halogen bulb stainless steel airway and medical grade silicon we spared no expense in the Herbalizer's components. All you experience is pure clean flavorful vapor.

Beauty & Brains
Intelligent software monitors usage to prevent overheating while a tilt sensor will cause the heater to shut down if knocked over and if you walk away for too long sleep mode is automatically activated.

With over 3 years of high-tech design engineering and testing the Herbalizer is built to last and will stand up to repeated daily use.

Smartvape Technology
Designed for top performance with features you've come to expect from your smart phone such as an LCD with auto-dimming and a 3-axis accelerometer tilt sensor usage sensing with auto-off and an incredibly intuitive user interface to name a few.

Easy & Intuitive
Intelligently designed the Herbalizer's luxury aesthetic and clamshell housing opens to reveal an intuitive easy to use interface. Developed with safety and style in mind the Herbalizer is one smart cookie. No assembly required.

Hidden Accessory Tray
Who knew the mysterious oyster would yield the sublime pearl? Stow your herbs and oils discreetly out of sight in the Herbalizer‰۪s hidden accessory tray located in the upper lid.


Material: Dry herb, wax and liquids
Heat Time: 15 seconds
Heat Type: Convection
Temp Settings:  Can be set precisely by 1 degree increments (range is 290° F – 445° F)
Dimensions: 3.5h x 6.7” w x 8.5” d
Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)
Warranty:  2 years

    In the Box

    Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer
    4x SqueezeValve Balloons
    3-foot silicone whip
    Magnetic bowl
    Stash box
    2x Aromapads
    2x Spare Bowl Screens
    Cleaning brush
    Power cord

      About the Brand

      San Diego-based Herbalizer was founded by a group of NASA engineers with the stated goal of raising the awareness of vaporization's benefits through precise, controlled herbal extraction (a process they “relief by design.”  Since its introduction in late 2013 the Herbalizer unit has garnered industry praise and set the standard for desktop vaporizers.  SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of the entire line of Herbalizer products.

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