Titanium Omni Nail w/Quartz Dish by Santa Cruz Shredder
 Titanium Omni Nail w/Quartz Dish by Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Shredder

Titanium Omni Nail w/Quartz Dish


The Titanium Omni Nail with quartz dish by Santa Cruz Shredder is part of the Omni collection of tools for dabbing.  Its two-part construction features a 2.5mm thick quartz dish made with treads that screw right into its titanium base, which makes cleaning the nail easy. Measuring 22mm across with an 8mm inner diameter, the dish features a salt-shaker design with 6 holes for optimal air flow. This dab nail features a 14mm female joint and will fit both 14mm and 18mm male jointed vapor rigs and glass bongs and features an oversized dish for large dabs. 

Not Sure What Joint Size You Need?

To determine the joint size you need simply measure the slide joint opening with a metric ruler. The slide joint opening is the hole near the base of the water pipe where the downstem reaches into the water.  The measurement will be either 14mm or 19mm (or, for small water pipes, 10mm). 

About The Brand

Founded in 2011, Santa Cruz Shredder creates some of the industry’s most efficient and durable grinders. Santa Cruz Shredder also manufactures titanium accessories including domeless titanium nails, dabbers and carb caps. All of their titanium products are made from grade 2 titanium, adding to their strength and durability.  The clean design and innovative technology of Santa Cruz Shredder products lead to a healthy, enjoyable, and efficient smoking experience.



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