Colored Flat Phuncky Feel Tips by Roor


Colored Flat Phuncky Feel Tips


Glass tips are used in place of paper tips or filter on a rolled cigarette.  They add airflow, reduce the amount of dry herb that is wasted and keep the unlit end from flattening or getting too moist. All Roor glass tips are crafted from high quality borosilicate glass, and these Colored Flat Phunky Feel Tips are a collaboration between Roor and the music artist B-Real (from the rap group Cypress Hill), featuring a flat mouthpiece and two holes for increased airflow.  These tips are individually handblown so the tip colors you receive will be chosen at random (but close to what appears in photos).

About the Brand

Founded in 1995 by German glass artist Martin Birzle, Roor is one of the preeminent manufacturers of glass pipes in the world, know for both their quality and their beauty.  Roor is dedicated to offering extraordinary artwork and the finest glassblowing craftsmanship, and they produce pieces that are noted for their perfect volume to water ratio.

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