Rise v2 by Vapir
 Rise v2 by Vapir


Rise v2


Rise To The Occasion
The Vapir Rise V2 Vaporizer sets a new standard for forced-air vapes.  The V2 is more powerful and more efficient than the first version, offering both whip and balloon use options. Additional improvements included the "no fan mode," which allows you to use the whip without the forced air function (for more casual sessions). An artfully designed vape that will look just fine sitting on your coffee, the Rise has touch pad dials built into the base.
A built in HEPA filter purifies transient particles drawn from your product, ensuring that purity and quality vapor. Easy to use attachments allow for the use of concentrates or dry herbs for a versatile vaping experiences.


Ultra-quiet operation
No fan mode
LED display
Touch pad control system
Comes with multi user adapter
Reaches temp in less than 60 seconds
Compatible with dry herbs and concentrates
Dual-function--can be used with both whip and balloon



Material: Dry herb and concentrates
Heat Time: 90 second
Heat Type: Convection
Temp Settings:  Variable (precisely set by digital control)
Dimensions: 9" h x 7.25” w x 6.75” d
Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)
Warranty:  2 years

In The Box

1x Power cord
1x Blend chamber
1x Oil chamber
2x Oil pads
1x Chamber adapter
1x Inhalation adapter
1x hot chamber grabber
3x inflatable balloons
HEPA air filter
2x large mesh screens
2x small mesh screens
2x silicone tubing (40 in)
X-tip clear mouthpiece
Multi-user adapter ($24.99 value)


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