Single Pack Pre-Rolled Organic Kingsize Cones by Raw
Single Pack Pre-Rolled Organic Kingsize Cones by Raw


Pre-Rolled Organic Kingsize Cones

Raw classic cones are pre-rolled using the same unbleached, natural paper that is used in all Raw products. These cones make a perfect king sized funnel shape that allows you to easily pack your dry herbs or tobacco without having to go through the process of actually rolling them. Each pack contains 3 pre-rolled cones.

Cone: 110mm in length
Filter Tip: 20mm in length

About the Brand

Raw has become one of the leading rolling papers brands in the world, thanks to its devotion to quality and craftsmanship.  The company is the culmination of a 12-year effort to produce the most natural rolling paper possible.  Produced in Spain, all Raw papers are unbleached and unrefined.  The brand offers many styles of rolling papers, including classic, creaseless, connoisseur, cones, and even an organic line, as well as trays, filters, shredders, and pipes. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Raw paper and to help in their quest for a healthier way to roll..

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