Loto Lux by Loto Labs
 Loto Lux by Loto Labs
 Loto Lux by Loto Labs
 Loto Lux by Loto Labs
 Loto Lux by Loto Labs

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Loto Lux


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First Smart Vape Powered by Induction
As the first smart vape powered by induction, Loto Lab’s Loto Lux Vaporizer is a patent-pending device that works with e-liquids, dry leaf materials, and concentrates, and creates a better tasting vapor via induction heating. By creating a magnetic field around the unit’s copper coil,  the device heats up extremely fast and is very durable. You never need to worry that your vaporizer will break down.  The Loto Lux is versatile and customizable, allowing users to adjust temperature settings, monitor battery life, and create a user profile with an onboard microprocessor that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth. Featuring a wood grain finish, Loto Lux is built from premium, medical grade components and is one of the most beautiful vaporizers on the market.

**Note: This item is not available for purchase yet. The manufacturer has told us it may be available in late summer. As the item is still being developed the listed price is subject to change**

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First smart vape powered by induction
Compatible with herb/concentrates/liquid
Unique design
Smart vape platform


    Material: Dry Herb/Concentrates/Liquids
    Temp Settings: 5 heat settings (from 171°F to 211°F in 10-degree increments)
    Dimensions: 6.7” h x  2.17" w  x 1.57" d
    Battery: Lithium Ion Phosphate battery
    Warranty:  5-year on all manufacturers defects

    In The Box

    Loto Lux vaporizer
    6 capsules (2 for e-liquid, 2 for concentrates, 2 for dry herbs)

    About The Brand

    Found in 2014 by three Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Loto Labs have one simple goal: to create the world’s best vaporizer. The Loto Lux Vaporizer is the first smart vape powered by induction.  Smoke Smith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Loto Labs products.

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