Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo
Charcoal Oil Infuser by Levo


Oil Infuser


The Levo oil infuser is an elegant botanical extractor that is designed to sit on your kitchen counter, right next to your coffee machine.  The machine allows you to infuse oil or better with a variety of herbs and it is the first device cr eated exclusively for this purpose. In short, you can infuse a variety of oils with legal dry flower to create delicious edible that are tailored to your exact medical needs or recreational desires.  The infused oil can also be used to create topicals, scrubs and other therapeutic products.With dishwasher safe components, there’s no more messy straining or clean up. No more emulsifiers, solvents or additives required to infuse. No pre-set temperature and time settings, allowing you complete creative control over your recipe.

For a brief primer on how to use the Levo device click on the tab below and watch the video in the photo carousel here.


    Create Butter & Oil Herb Infusions
    Revolutionary Kitchen Appliance
    Simple LED Interface Offers Total Control
    Child-Lock Option
    Controlled Heating



    Product Weight: 9 Pounds
    Product Dimensions: 14"h x 10"w x 10"d
    Capacity: 2 to 5 cups

    How To Use The Levo

    You do not need to be a serious chef to use the LEVO oil infuser:

    1. Attach the silicon dispenser to the metal reservoir then lower it into the LEVO while holding down the dispensing button.
    2. Place the stirrer into the middle of the reservoir, the magnet will hold it in place.
    3. Fill the herb pod with your choice of infusion material then place it into the reservoir, it will stay put using magnets, just make sure the magnetic strip faces the front of the LEVO.
    4. Pour your choice of oil or butter into the reservoir then close the lid.
    5. Choose time and temperature using the touch pad.
    6. When time is up, press the dispense button to release the infused oil

    In The Box

    Levo Oil Infusion Machine
    Stir stick
    Magnetic Material Strainer
    User Guide

    About the Brand

    LEVO is the first device created exclusively for infusing oil and butter. The product of over five years of development and engineering, LEVO went through numerous iterations to realize the design you see today. LEVO is passionate about empowering people and allowing you full autonomy over their ingredients, process & consumption. The company is based in Denver, Colorado.


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