Multi Colored Water Pipe w/ Glass Flower by Grog Glass

Grog Glass

Multi Colored Water Pipe w/ Glass Flower


Grog Glass has created a beautiful piece with this multi-colored heady glass water pipe.  It features yellow, orange and red with a clear green top portion near the flared mouthpiece (almost the color of a Coke bottle).  The centerpiece of the bong is the sunburned flower, which sits just opposite the 14mm male bowl, which matches the color of the bong's base. The bong features a 14mm female joint and a 4-inch 14mm male to 14mm female removable diffused downstem, which, feature three holes, to filter the smoke. This Grog Glass piece is handblown in America.


American made
Hand blown
Heady glass
Flared mouthpiece
3 Maria rings


Height: 8.5"
Base Width: 3"
Joint: 14 mm female
Materials: Fumed glass/high quality borosilicate glass
Glass Thickness: 5 mm

About the Brand

Based Eugene, Oregon, Grog Glass run by a glass impresario named Greg LeFevre who has a very colorful view of life, liberty and the pursuit of great times. He creates heady glass that is noted for its color saturation and floral motifs. His use of dichroic glass and wave-like ripples gives his pieces a very trippy feel. Grog Glass creates large water pipes and bongs along with hand pipes, dabbers and pendants. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be one of a select few retailers carrying Grog Glass and we continue to support independent American glassworks like Greg LeFevre and his Grog Glass studio mates.

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