G Pen Elite by Grenco Science
 G Pen Elite by Grenco Science
 G Pen Elite by Grenco Science
 G Pen Elite by Grenco Science

Grenco Science

G Pen Elite



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In The Know
The G Pen Elite from Grenco Science is a state of the art vaporizer for dry herbs, featuring a compact ergonomic design and an LED display that shows temperature and battery life. Luxurious, dense, and sturdy, its black color makes it sleek and discreet, it boasts one of the largest coil-less ceramic chambers of all vaporizers on the market, providing fast and even convection. Its high-quality parts help to ensure that vapor is as flavorful and pure as possible. Offering vapers the capability precise temperature control via a toggle button, the Elite heats up in a speedy 30 seconds.


Coil-less ceramic chamber
Full LED display
Even convection heating
Rapid vaporization
Compact ergonomic shape


Material: Dry herb
Heat Time: 20-30 seconds
Temp Settings: Can be set to a precise temperature (range: 200°F to 428°F )
Charge Time: 3 hours
Dimensions: 4.5” h x 1.5" w x 1" d
Battery: G Pen battery
Warranty: 1 year

In the Box

G Pen Elite
1x G Pen tool
1x USB charging cable
G Pen cleaning brush

About the Brand

Famous all over the world for their products, Grenco Science create vape pens unlike any others on the market today. Over the years, the G Pen collection has grown to include dry herb vape pens, wax pens, and even an oil vaporizer pen, ensuring that Grenco Science offers the perfect vapor pen to suit every vaper's needs. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Grenco Science vaporizers.



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