Clear Slushy Cup Bubbler by Grav Labs
Clear Slushy Cup Bubbler by Grav Labs

Grav Labs

Slushy Cup Bubbler


Drink It Up!
Journey back to the days of hanging out at your local 7-11, drinking Slurpees all day long.  Designed to resemble the iconic Slurpee/Icee cup, this bubbler definitely packs a stronger punch than a Cherry Coke! 


Downstem features a 4-hole filtration pattern to ensure smooth hits
includes a 14mm bowl for dry herbs


Made in the USA
Height: 8"
Width: 5"
Percolation:  4-hole filtration in downstem
Joint: 14mm male ground joint
Materials: Crafted with high quality Borosilicate glass
Glass Thickness: 4mm

About the Brand

Founded in 2004 Grav Labs offers high quality American-made scientific glass. Based in Austin, TX, Grav employs 30 glass blowers and is one of the nation‰۪s premiere manufacturers of scientific glass. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an authorized Grav retailer offering a large selection of Grav products including water pipes bubblers steamrollers glass pipes recyclers and smoke accessories.

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