6 Inch Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs
 6 Inch Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs
 6 Inch Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs

Grav Labs

6 Inch Helix Steamroller


The 6-inch Helix Steamroller by Grav Labs is small enough to be used on the go but hefty enough for a party at home as well. The Helix mouth piece provide extra cooling of the smoke and gives it the power of a much larger glass pipe. Crafted with lab-grade borosilicate glass means this Helix steamroller is durable enough to become a favored part of your collection.

What Is A Steamroller?

A steamroller is an elongated circular glass pipe with a bowl and holes on both ends. One hole functions as the mouthpiece while the one closer to the bowl is the carb. A steamroller distinguishes itself from spoon pipes not just through its shape but also because the carb is located at the end of the bowl rather than on the side. Steamrollers are not used with water.


Crafted with durable borosilicate glass
Venturi chamber body
Micro-holes cool smoke
Attached head permits dry pipe smoking


Made in the USA
Length: 6"
Width: 3"
Materials: Crafted with high quality Borosilicate glass
Glass Thickness: 4mm

About the Brand

Founded in 2004, Grav Labs offers high quality American-made scientific glass. Based in Austin, TX, Grav employs 30 glass blowers and is one of the nation’s premiere manufacturers of scientific glass. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an authorized Grav retailer, offering a large selection of Grav products including water pipes, bubblers, steamrollers, glass pipes, recyclers, and smoke accessories.

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