Water Bubbler by Focusvape
 Water Bubbler by Focusvape


Water Bubbler


This Focusvape glass bubbler is the perfect accessory to improve the performance of any Focusvape vaporizer.  The bubbler allows you to replicate the cool, filtered feel of a water bong, adding a filtration effect to the vapor that is produced.  To use the water bubbler simply load the chamber of your Focusvape and put the mouthpiece back on.  Then fill the bubbler with bit of water, place the bubbler over the mouthpiece, and take a draw from the vaporizer.  When it reaches your mouth it will have passed through the bubbles, giving you a pure, clean hit.

Pro tip: When you remove the bubbler be sure you turn it upside down when you do so. This prevents water being sucked into the mouthpiece, which could damage your vaporizer.

About the brand

Focusvape is a leading manufacturer of wax, oil and dry blend vaporizers. Their mission is to bring premium but affordable cutting edge vaporizer technology to consumers, providing healthy smoking alternatives for a better quality of life and a portable aromatherapy experience.

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