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East Australian Current Dab Rig


This beautifully detailed East Australian Current dab rig stands at 10" with a 14mm male joint, and features hand-worked Sea Turtles throughout it. The time and effort to craft this rig paid off- these turtles are made with multi-colored class and features a swirled design of colors in each of their shells. Opaque colored glass is used to create the coral reef, sea weed, fish, and other aquatic detail. Inside this rig is an adorable sea turtle with a bright dichro-accented shell that sits atop a sturdy turbine perc to better filtrate the water inside to give its user an optimal hit every time. This dab rig even comes with both a matching 10mm female banger nail and carb cap that have been hand-worked as well to complete the set. The water pipe uses colored glass to create detailed fish and coral, and even have small raised glass 'millis' to look like real bubbles. This rig is proudly crafted in the USA by Empire Glassworks artists.

About the Brand

Empire Glassworks was established in 2013 to cater to the vaping and smoking accessories market. The glass artists at Empire have over 40 years of experience with crafting exquisite figurines, borosilicate beads, and metal-infused trinkets for the high-end jewelry community. With those skills and that to inspire them, Empire Glassworks has been able to create a full line of hand-crafted vaping and smoking accessories, including bongs, dab rigs, dabbing tools, hand pipes and water pipe accessories.  Their work is colorful and very pop cultural, and every piece they make is hand blown in California. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to support smaller batch glassmakers and artists like Empire Glassworks.

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