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 Boost by Dr. Dabber - Smokesmith Gear Online head shop
 Boost by Dr. Dabber - Smokesmith Gear Online head shop
 Boost by Dr. Dabber - Smokesmith Gear Online head shop



A Portable Dabbing Experience
Always on the forefront of wax vaporization technology, Dr. Dabber is leading the new eRig revolution. The Boost is a portable, battery-powered oil rig, the first of its kind to be compact enough to take on the go. As in a traditional glass rig setup, the Boost employs a titanium dome-less nail and a glass-water filtration system, ensuring the perfect dabbing experience. Designed to be used exclusively with concentrates, the Boost offers a purist’s experience with an emphasis on portability.

The Boost heats to an optimal temperature in 30 seconds with a simple button press. The unit comes with multiple nails, which screw on to the top of the base and are connected to the heating element by a ceramic pin. Click the power button 3 times when using the titanium or ceramic nail, or click 5 times for a higher heat setting when using the quartz nail. There’s even a magnetic base that helps keep the unit standing.


Portable oil rig
Fast heat up time
Micro USB charger
Magnetic stand


Material:  Concentrates
Heat Time: 30 seconds
Temp Settings: One preset temperature (515°F)
Charge Time: 4 to 6 hours
Dimensions: 10” h x 10”w  x 4”d
Battery: 2500 mAh
Warranty: 1 year (provided by manufacturer)

In the Box

Dr. Dabber Boost e-Rig
Glass water attachment
Domeless titanium nail
Domeless ceramic nail
Domeless quartz nail
Magnetic carb cap
Magnetic loading tool
Medical grade silicone storage container x2
Micro USB charging cable
Limited edition Dr. Dabber keychain


About the Brand

Dr. Dabber is known for its functional and high quality portable vaporizers. Created out of desire to create the perfect vaping pen, Dr. Dabber produces high quality products at great value. Their latest vape pens, the Aurora and Boost, utilize a low-heat titanium technology that produces a flavorful and pure vapor. Dr. Dabber also offers accessories for vaping and dabbing. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Dr. Dabber vaporizers.