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Glass Jars


If you're a Cannador owner or a 'do it yourself' enthusiast, these glass cups are a great addition to your humidor or storage box. The adjustable ventilated lids can be opened and closed to allow for humid air to enter and keep your contents at the proper RH. All glassware may be purchased separately in packs of two in either 1/4 oz or 1/2 oz sizes.

The jars with ventilated lids are for use with the Cannador bead system.  The jars with the airtight lids are for use with the Boveda humidity packs.

These jars fit all of the Cannador humidors and can be added to the Cannador travel cases as well.



    Includes two jars each of each size.

    About the Brand

    Cannador is a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home. Their goal is to maintain your collection’s quality while surrounded by a sustainably crafted product.

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