CF-X Vaporizer by Boundless
 CF-X Vaporizer by Boundless
 CF-X Vaporizer by Boundless
 CF-X Vaporizer by Boundless
 CF-X Vaporizer by Boundless


CF-X Vaporizer



Dry herb vapeportable vaporizer

A Beast of A Vape
The CF-X is a true convection style portable vaporizer designed to be used primarily with dry herbs, but it is also compatible with concentrates (when using the included concentrate pod). It’s an upgraded version of the beloved CF vaporizer, offering a larger herb chamber. Featuring an ultra-fast heating time, the Boundless CF-X offers a full range temperature control (100°F - 430°F), fully isolated air path, haptic feedback to alert when fully heated, dual charging options, and a 2500 mAh battery.

True Convection Vaporization
Equipped with one of the most powerful heaters on the market (80 watts of power!), the most important feature of the CF-X is the rich and robust vapor that it produces. Instead of directly heating the herbs, the CFX blows a steady stream of hot air through them, which releases the active components in the plant material (known as true convection vaporization). Heating up in less than 20 seconds, the CFX has unrestricted airflow, making it easy to inhale.

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Hybrid convection/conduction heater
Fully adjustable temp settings (100°F - 430°F)
Large capacity oven
Heats up in less than 20 seconds


Material: Dry herb
Heat Time: 20 seconds
Temp Settings: Multiple (range: 100°F to 430°F )
Charge Time: 2.5 Hours
Dimensions: 4.7”h x 2.8”w x 1.2”d
Battery: 2500 mAh
Warranty:  3 year warranty, 1 year battery warranty

In the Box

1x Boundless CFX vaporizer
1x Oil/Concentrate pod
1x CFX cleaning brush
1 CFX stir tool
1x USB charger

About the Brand

Founded in 1995, Boundless Technology is known for its innovative products and advanced technologies. Offering six unique units, Boundless Technology seeks to educate consumers on the benefits of aromatherapy. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Boundless Technology products.

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