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 Orbit Brown Kit by Atmos - Smokesmith Gear Online head shop
 Orbit Brown Kit by Atmos - Smokesmith Gear Online head shop

Orbit Brown Kit


In Your Orbit
Considered one of the leading herb vape pens, the Atmos Orbit is on a path of its own. It’s unique dual-air-flow heating chamber with an anodized-convection vaporization process ensures the highest quality vapor possible. While its suede leather handle and anti-scratch stainless steel outer shell frame make it one of the sleekest options on the market. Featuring a powerful battery with a charge-time of over 8 hours, an internal LED light to make it user-friendly and improved unlocking mechanism, this Orbit is one you want to follow.

Unlike other pen-shaped devices, the Atmos Orbit utilizes an embedded heating element. With no exposed heating coils, the chamber instead works like an oven, preventing direct contact with your botanicals. This allows the Atmos Orbit to promise zero combustion, meaning you only get true vapors from your dry herbs. Orbit offers a range of temperatures, enabling you to vaporize the most delicate botanical.


High-grade advanced ceramic heating chamber
Scratch resistant anodized shell
One-button activation
Internal LED light indicator


Material:  Dry herb
Heat Time: 50 seconds
Temp Settings: One preset temperature (380°F)
Charge Time: 2 hours
Dimensions: 7”h x 3”w x 1”d
Battery: Lithium-ion 1200mAH
Warranty: 5 years (provided by the manufacturer)

In the Box

1x Orbit vaporizer
1x chamber connector
1x rubber mouthpiece
1x packing tool
1 cleaning brush
1x charger

    About the Brand

    Atmos a global pioneer in the realm of portable electronic vaporizers. Known for their in-house engineering and exceptional attention to detail, Atmos consistently develops and delivers top-of-the-line products. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of Atmos vaporizers.