V Tower by Arizer
 V Tower by Arizer
 V Tower by Arizer


V Tower


Newly Redesigned
Re-designed for 2017, the new V-Tower Vaporizer features a midnight chrome finish and a build that is more compact than the previous model. In fact, the Arizer V-Tower is one of the best whip style vapes that is currently being made. It features a bright LCD digital display that allows for precise temperature control. The glass in this device toxin free borosilicate, which leads to vapor that is clean and flavorful.

The V-Tower Vaporizer utilizes something it calls a “Vertical Cyclone Bowl,” which ensures that the distribution of heat is even, and more efficient. Hot air vaporizes the dry herbs evenly, which mean the overall vaporizing experience is better and more effective. The new Arizer V-Tower also features a 3-foot medical grade whip, auto shut-off settings and an insulated stainless steel housing. This desktop vaporizer is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality device that is easy to use.


For use with dry herb
Features midnight chrome finish
Fast heat ceramic cartridges
50% more energy efficient than previous model
Solid State circuitry


Material: Dry herb
Heat Time: 2 minutes
Heat Type: Convection
Temp Settings:  Can be set precisely by degree (range is 122° F – 500° F)
Dimensions: 10h x 8.75” w x 7.75” d
Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)
Warranty:  2 years

About the Brand

Canadian manufacturer Arizer is known for pushing boundaries in the vaporizer industry. The Extreme Q, released in 2011, put the brand on the map. The same year they released the Solo vaporizer, which is notable for having luxuries not seen in portable vapes, including an extra wide chamber and a borosilicate mouthpiece. Innovations like these have allowed Arizer to consistently rank as the best on the market in terms of affordability, performance, and flexibility.

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