Magnetic Super Pollen Press by Aerospaced
 Magnetic Super Pollen Press by Aerospaced


Magnetic Super Pollen Press


This aircraft-grade aluminum press features dual pressing pins which enable you get a great deal of leverage onto the pollen. It features thermoplastic dowels which work better as the pellet will not adhere to the dowel as it would to aluminum dowels.

To use it, simply unscrew one end cap remove one, two or all three dowels, depending on the amount of product that you need to press. Next, place aromatic dust into the unit, put dowels back on and screw the end cap back onto the unit. 

About the Brand

Sunbury specializes in a wide variety of unique metal products. Its line pollen presses ranges from hand held models to 8 ton hydraulic presses. All its products are made using CNC processes with the finest aircraft aluminum.

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