Our Story: The Online Headshop Reimagined

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
SmokeSmith Gear was founded by two youthful but middle-aged guys who have been friends since first grade. We both grew up in the Detroit area, so we have a deep appreciation for craftsmanship, underdogs and do-it-yourself grit. We also recall the glory days of the local head shop (ours was in the blue collar lake hamlet of Keego Harbor and, later, Ann Arbor), and the colorful characters who were always present. Our older siblings passed on their psych rock albums and dog-eared copies Creem, National Lampoon and the works of Charles Bukowski, exposing us further to this hidden, freaky world.

The seeds of rebellion were sown.

But life interceded and our paths took us on separate journeys. Decades later we have reunited to forge a new foundation. Armed with a Midwestern ethic and enough weird, worldly experiences to give us a gonzo outlook we offer SmokeSmith Gear as an agent of change and a return to the head shop as hub of community and camaraderie.

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Cleaning Up The Clutter
The current online marketplace for smoke gear, bongs, pipes and vaping devices is cluttered, confusing and full of counterfeits. When we visit our competitors we feel anxious. Too many options. Not enough organization. An ocean of disarray.

So we set out to re-imagine the head shop experience, creating a shopping destination that is inviting, well-designed and easy-to-use. In a world of endless options we offer the confidence to know you are making the right gear choices.  


Well, to start we hand-select the items you see in our shop, choosing only the best gear from a select list of trusted brands. As consumers and students of this industry we spend countless hours surveying and sampling. It's hard work testing heady piece after heady piece, but we feel it's worth it. We do the work so you don't have to.

And our goal is to become the nation's premiere online smoke shop. We carry a wide selection of high quality smoke gear, smart devices and luxury items. We are upscale but affordable, high-end without the haughtiness. Of course, we are also aware that everybody has their own sense of value, so we have products at a wide variety of prices.

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Engineered For Enjoyment
What do we do?  Well, in the most literal sense we sell water pipes, cool bongs, bubblers, dab rigs, vaporizers, smoking pipes and accessories, including high-end grinders, storage and travel cases, vape accessories, bong accessories, torches and rolling papers. We offer devices for consuming whatever wondrous products you might wish to smoke, vape, ingest, imbibe or consume.

At a more philosophical level we started this business because we believe that the world is in the midst of a friendly green revolution and we truly want to make life better and more fun for our customers. That's why we spend most of our energy hand selecting quality products designed to improve your experience. And we stand behind what we sell. If you're not 100 percent satisfied with your order, contact us and we'll it right.

We sell happiness. This is where the notion of "engineered for enjoyment" comes from. We are purveyors of euphoria.  And, frankly, the world needs more euphoria at this moment.

Building The Best Online Headshop
We are not a huge corporate entity or faceless e-commerce conglomerate with an army of drones. We are a very small business that employs American workers, pays American taxes and proudly supports the American economy.

Almost all of our glass products are made or designed in America, and all the imported glass we sell undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure quality and manufacturing integrity. We vigorously guard against the cheaply produced counterfeit glass bongs and waterpipes that are flooding the market today.  We also refuse to sell any vaporizer not made by a reputable manufacturer with a strong presence in the United States.

We hope that what you find when you visit our little slice of the Internet is well-designed website that is a joy to navigate, a curated product line that makes selection easy and stellar customer service (we are very friendly, we promise!). And if that wasn't enough we invite you along for our multi-channel journey: Follow us on social media for great content and special offers.  Read our blog for product overviews, industry news and cultural commentary. And contact us if you have any questions or just want to rap about movies, sports, gear or the state of this goddamned world gone mad in which we're living.

We're here to help you keep you in high gear.  We hope you’ll join us on this journey...