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Smoke Gear Terms & Slang

Water pipes, vapes and smoking accessories have an entire body of language all their own. In the name of education and cultural literacy we at SmokeSmith Gear have created the following glossary of terms. Enjoy and free free to add your own terms (see the form at the bottom).


Special attachments that serve to catch ash before it falls into a pipe. They also help cool and diffuse the smoke before it makes its way to water pipe.


The heating element within a vaporizer, responsible for converting liquids, waxes, herbs and concentrates to vapors that can be inhaled.


A concealable one-hitter that is the size and shape of a cigarette.  So called because they resemble a small baseball bat.

Beaker Base:  

A water pipe with a beaker shaped bottom (typically spherical or triangular in shape), which is wider and more stable than a straight tube.  They also hold more water than a straight tube.


The part of a pipe where you place the dry herbs to be combusted.

Bowl Slide:  

The attachment for a water pipe that you will place dry herbs to be combusted. It also function as a carb as when you remove from the water pipe, allowing air to flow freely into the chamber so that it can be cleared.

Boro Head:  

A glass fan who has immersed themselves into the trends and techniques in the glass industry. Such a person generally has extensive knowledge of glass artists and glass in general.


A type of glass that includes at least 5 percent boric oxide, which makes the glass resistant to extreme temperatures, and also improves its resistance to chemical corrosion. Commonly used for making scientific glass.


One of stoner culture’s most ancient of verbs, used when someone is entirely too long to pass a joint or has taken more hits than is allowable.


A hand pipe that uses a small amount of water and has a downstem that leads smoke into water for it to be cooled before inhaling.

Carb Cap:  

A cap that is placed on top of a vapor dome or domeless nail to regulate airflow into a dab rig.  It aids the nail in retaining its temperature so that concentrates are burned evenly.


A hole on the side of a hand pipe that regulates airflow. The hole is  closed by placing finger up to it to fill the chamber with smoke.  Removing the finger allows airflow so the chamber can be cleared of smoke.


When a bowl burns away to nothing but ash.


A straight glass pipe that does not have a carb and mimics the experience of smoking a rolled cigarette without the added flavors of a paper or tobacco leaf.


Pre-rolled papers that conical in shape. To smoke from them a user simply grinds up dry herbs and fills the cone (rolling is not needed).

Cotton Mouth:

Post-smoking condition whereby the mouth gets very dry. Often accompanied by its more relentless brother in arms, “the munchies.”

Dab Rig (or Oil Rig):

General term for the glass pipes used for smoking concentrates (glass, shatter, wax, etc.). As opposed to having a bowl for smoking dry herb, these pipes utilize a nail or some type of other device which can be heated to a high enough temperature that the concentrate vaporizes. Rigs almost always utilize water for cooling because the smoke coming off the nail is entirely too hot for a dry hit.


A metal, glass or quartz tool used to gather and place concentrates onto a dab rig’s nail.


Part of many glass rigs and water pipes, diffusers add additional sites for the formation of bubbles as well as help with airflow. The agitation that they create helps to cool the smoke or vapor prior to inhalation, which makes it smoother on the lungs and often more flavorful. They generally are found dipping into the water at the bottom of the downstem.


Part of the typical oil rig set up, these blown-glass pieces fit over the stem where the nail sits and make it possible to quickly catch and inhale the vapor.

Domeless Nail:  

A dabbing nail that does not require the use of a vapor dome.  It has a hole in the center, which directs airflow down into the water pipe. Concentrates are placed to the side of the center hole (instead of in the center (as on a standard vapor dome and nail setup)


Most commonly found on bongs, bubblers, and oil rigs, the downstem is the part of the piece which reaches from the bowl and delivers the smoke down into the water. They normally have a glass joint at the top which is either 14 millimeters or 18mm wide that accepts attachments such as a bowl, oil skillet or nail.

Dry Piece:

Any smoking device that does not require or use water filtration. Dry pieces come in numerous designs, shapes and sizes (e.g. chillum, steamroller, spoon, sherlock)


An all in one device that contains a small chamber to store ground dry herbs and another chamber to store a bat. These are typically made of wood or metal and are compact, perfect for travel, concerts or hiking trips.

Drop Down:

An accessory meant for dropping the slide or dome down away from the pipe.  Drop downs help prevent heat from transferring to the pipe and they move the slide or down to lower position, away from a user’s face.


An electronic nail for use with dabbing rigs.  The nail is heated by a metal or ceramic heating element. The temperature is controlled with a dial, obviating the need for a torch.


A joint or blunt that’s rolled with a ridiculous amount of herb it in it such that it takes on immense proportions.


Fumed Glass:

Glass which goes through a process whereby real silver and gold are heated to release fume, giving that give transparent glass a semi-opaque color. Silver fuming creates hues ranging from blue to purple while gold fumes produce pink, green, and orange patterns.


Glass or metal inserts for a bowl designed to keep ashes, herbs and other matter from falling through into the pipe.


Generally made of metal and containing multiple pieces, these are used to break up dry herb by threshing it between teeth attached to the top and bottom. High-end grinders contain a screen that allows kief to pass through, allowing you to collect it and top your bowl off.

Hand Pipe:

A pipe that is small enough to fit in your hand and does not use any type of water filtration.

Heady Glass:

The top tier of the craft of glassblowing, heady rigs are custom, one of a kind pieces, noted for the level of intricacy and the amount of time it takes the glassblower to create it. Like fine art they reflect the specific styles and techniques used by each individual glassblower.



Glass made without the use of a lathe.  The pieces are made entirely by the spinning of an artist's hands.

Ice Pinch:

Small, downward facing points on a tube that act like a catch to keep ice inside the tube of a water pipe. Ice pinches allow ice to stay in place, which adds extra cooling of smoke as it travels up the tube.


The same concept as a recycler except the chamber for funneling water back into the first chamber is suspended inside of the first chamber.


A glass blowing design pattern created by pushing the color inside the clear glass.

Joint (glass):

The part of a glass pipe or oil rig where the bowl or nail connects to the body of the piece. The industry standard for the size is 18 mm, 14 mm, and more recently, 10 mm, which allows the glass industry to make a variety of accessories in set sizes rather than having to custom make everything.

Keck Clip:

Clip meant for holding the downstem and bowl slide in place so it does not fall out or break.

Lathe Made

Refers to glass pieces that are made by being blown through a lathe or tube to create the desired shape (as opposed to pieces that are handspun).


The nail is the platform onto which concentrate is placed when using a dabbing rig.  The nail is heated up with a torch.  Nails are typically made of ceramic, glass, quartz, or titanium.

Nectar Collector:

This is a hand pipe for concentrates that can either be a dry or water piece depending on the model you purchase. They are a basic tube like pipe that has a tip you heat up and drag across your concentrates to vaporize and inhale the concentrates.

Nano Rig:

A very small concentrate/dab rig.  Good for portability and discretion.

Percolator (“perc”):

Filtration devices that are placed inside of water pipes. They cool and filter the smoke, allowing for a smoother hit. The come in a variety of styles, including straight, turbine, honeycomb and tree, among others.

Pollen Catch:  

The screen in the bottom of a grinder that catches plant matter but allows the pollen to fall through.


A slang term used for water pipe or hand pipe, or any piece of glass in general.


The hole in the bottom of a bowl/slide.


A type of glass water pipe that recycles the water throughout its chambers.  Water and smoke travels from one chamber to the next, then back down and through the first chamber, providing a continuous loop of filtration.


An attachment for a vapor or concentrate that captures the essential oils or waxes that you would have otherwise lost. The bottom cap is often removable for easy access to the saved oils and concentrates.

Roach Clip:

A small metal device that clamps on to the end of a joint, enabling you to continue smoking without worrying about burning your fingers. In the 1970s it was common for women to wear feathered roach clips as a hair accessory.  They were also often seen attached to rear view mirrors of Trans Ams.


Rolling Papers:

Small sheets, rolls, or leaves of paper that are sold for rolling cigarettes, joints, or spliffs either by hand or with a rolling machine. They come in a variety of sizes and material types.


Scientific Glass:

Any borosilicate piece that uses water and has multiple holes in the percolator.

Splash Guard:

A tubes extra chamber, usually located on top of a percolator, designed to prevent water from travelling up the tube and onto a user’s mouth.

Straight Tube:

A water pipe that is straight in shape.


A water pipe that has no removable down stem but which instead has a permanently attached glass stem that goes down into the water chamber, usually forming an “L” shape outside of the tube.


A hand pipe that is shaped like the letter “S”, and which is typically thinner and longer than a traditional handpipe.


A pipe that is made out of a cylinder open on both ends with a bowl on the top. The user covers the end with his or her hand, and sucks on the pipe until it all is filled with dense smoke, and then pulls off his hand to inhale.


A glass or paper insert for rolling that is used to keep the mouthpiece of a joint from collapsing.


A butane device used to heat up the dabbing surface on a rig.


Slang term for a water pipe.

Vapor Dome:

A cover that is designed to be placed the nail before placing the dab of concentrate or wax onto the nail. The dome directs the airflow down into the water pipe as the dabber begins to draw on the pipe.


A device used to vaporize dry herbs, waxes or concentrates using convection heat provided by an atomizer.  Because vapes do not reach the high temperatures associated with combustion they offer a healthy alternative to smoking.

Vape Pen:

A small, portable vaporizer that uses either pre-filled concentrate cartridges or has a chamber to load concentrates or dry herb. Vape pens are popular for their discreet, compact design and absence of a traditional smell when exhaling.


The hose or mouth piece that leads from a water pipe or vaporizer and which feeds the smoke out of the device and into the inhaler’s mouth.