Vaporizer Accessories | Whips, Screens, Chargers & More

SmokeSmith Gear offers a full line of accessories, tools and gadgets that enhance the vaporizing experience and which are designed to pair with all the vapes we sell. From USB chargers to replacement screens to the starter sets designed to complement the Storz & Bickel product line we have all the accessories you will need. Want to clean your vape? We have kits that help you keep your devices neat and tidy.


How To Properly Maintain A Vape

The most important step in maintaining a vaporizer keeping it clean. While vapes do not produce smoke the mist-like vapor they do produce can still tarnish the vaporizer, resulting in buildups of residue. Small amounts of this shouldn't cause any issues, but if it's left on the vaporizer for too long it can cause damage. A good basic cleaning can be achieved with napkins, Q-tips and rubbing alcohol. But do remember to let the parts fully dry before putting the vape back together. Another thing to be aware of this condition of the heating element. We recommend checking the temperature of your heating element at least once a month to ensure it is functioning properly, using an infrared thermometer.