Torches, Rolling Papers & Glass Tips

Sure, we've made a lot of advancements in the way of water pipes and high-tech vapes. And we love all that gear. But sometimes we like to keep it old school by rolling our favorite legal plant material. And for that we carry full line of rolling papers from Raw and OCB along with Roor glass tips. For your dabbing needs we have powerful butane torches from SToK and Newport, to keep those fires burning bright.


A Rolling Paper Primer

Rolling papers come in various size, and the naming system is not always intuitive. To clear up some of the confusion we created this primer: 

Single Wide: Typically 68-70mm long x 34-36mm wide. These are the smallest papers on the market. Because of their small size, many smokers roll these papers without a filter. These came around when King James I of England created a tobacco tax in 1604.
1 ¼: Typically 76-78mm long x 45-48mm wide. The standard sized rolling paper. These are the most widely used papers among smokers. It is named “one and a quarter” because it can hold 25 percent more dry herb than a single wide.
1 ½: Typically 76-78mm long x 60-62mm wide. Can hold fifty percent more dry herb than a single wide, which is why it they are called “one and a half.” These papers are great for smokers who want a larger roll.
Double Wide: Typically 76-78mm long x 88mm wide. Can hold twice as much dry herb product as a single wide. These are the tallest papers on the market, making them excellent for fat rolls.
King Size: Typically 100-110mm long x 55-60mm wide. These are the largest standard sized papers on the market, so named not because of their size but because they were a favorite of the King of England when first introduced.