Leather Travel Case by Cannador
 Leather Travel Case by Cannador
 Leather Travel Case by Cannador
 Leather Travel Case by Cannador


Leather Travel Case


Gorgeous coffee colored genuine leather travel case featuring a TiZip® airtight zipper is perfect for someone on-the-go or for a nice getaway. The interior is modular and can be custom configured to allow for up to six 1/4oz glass cups or four 1/2oz glass cups. You can also fit up to two Miron® jars in this travel case and each Miron® jar can fit an ounce. The interior top and bottom is lined with black leather. There is a mesh net pocket beside nylon velcro straps on the interior lid. The straps are adjustable and allow for vapes to be secured. The bottom interior corner features a grinder station that will secure a grinder that has up to a 2.5" diameter and 2.25" height using nylon straps. This travel case comes with your choice of either two 1/4oz or two 1/2oz glass cups or neither and an included TSA combination lock.



    TiZip® zipper lubricant with instructions
    Interior dividers
    Either two 1/4oz glass jars or two 1/2oz glass jars, each with airtight lids and re-writeable strain labels
    Color: Coffee brown
    Size: 8” x 5” x 0.5.”

      About the Brand

      Cannador is a premium storage brand that focuses on functional design and balanced humidity for the home. Their goal is to maintain your collection’s quality while surrounded by a sustainably crafted product.

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