Orb 4 Signature Kit by Source
 Orb 4 Signature Kit by Source
 Orb 4 Signature Kit by Source
 Orb 4 Signature Kit by Source
 Orb 4 Signature Kit by Source


Orb 4 Signature Kit


Make This Your New Signature
The Source Orb 4 Signature Kit replaces the Orb's standard variable voltage/temperature battery with the ultra-powerful 40W temperature control mod battery.
This updated version also features 8 new advanced atomizers (all USA-tested Grade 1 Titanium), magnetic locking technology and stainless steel construction, providing an unrivaled pen vaping experience. In addition, the new Variable Airflow System with 5 different settings gives users the freedom to choose their desired airflow and intensity.

8 Different Wax Atomizers
The latest version of the Orb 4 features 8 retooled wax atomizers. In addition to classic Source Vapes atomizers like the Quartz Single/Double Coil, White Ceramic Double Coil and Source's coil-less Ceramic Terra atomizer, the Source Orb 4 includes new Source Nail coil-less Titanium and Ceramic atomizers, as well as Source's new Black Ceramic Double Coil Atomizer, which is equipped with porous ceramic rods that are ideal for low viscosity waxy oils.



Stainless steel constuction
8 advanced atomizers
Variable airflow system
USA tested titanium coils

Note: The Source Orb 4 Vaporizer is compatible with Orb 3, Orb 4 and Source Nail Atomizers.


Material: Dry herb and concentrate
Finish: High polished anodized aluminum
Heat Time: 15 seconds
Temp Settings: 4+
Charge Time: 90 minutes
Dimensions: 3.87” h x 1.2” w x .85”d
Warranty: 10 year (provided by manufacturer)

In The Box

Source Orb 4 Attachment
Source volt max temp control mod
Quartz single coil atomizer
Quartz double coil atomizer
White ceramic double coil atomizer
Black ceramic double coil atomizer
Terra 2 ceramic coil-less atomizer
Terra 2 quartz coil-less atomizer
Source nail titanium coil-less atomizer
Source nail ceramic coil-less atomizer
Dab tool
Silicone wax container
Cleaning cloth
Wall adapter
Black metal carrying case

About The Brand

SourceVapes is one of the finest vape manufacturers in the United States.  They are pioneer in the industry with their double coil technology, featured in the Orb, which is the first dual coil titanium vaping pen on the market, producing more vapor at a faster speed than single coil vape pens. To guarantee the purest taste, SourceVapes only use the best materials, including quartz, and offer the highest quality at the most competitive prices. SourceVapes takes quality seriously, which is why all their products are lab-certified for purity. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be an official retailer of SourceVapes.

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