Pen Vapes & Portable Vaporizers

Pen and portable vapes are small, discreet and made for traveling, ideal for vaping on the go. Most are about the size of smart phone, and they have the same level of technology. These smart devices feature apps, digital interfaces and programmable heat settings. We carry the best pen vapes and portable vapes on the market, including the Pax 3, the DaVinci IQ and the Storz & Bickel Mighty. And they all come with a warranty, so you can shop without the worry.


Benefits of Portable Vapes

The first major decision to make is whether you want a portable or a desktop vaporizer. Within the portable realm there are two types: Pen vapes and handheld devices. On the other end of the spectrum are desktop vapes, meant to be used at home and typically plugged into an outlet. If you only require a vaporizer while on the go, choose a portable version. On the other hand, if vaporizing at home is what you desire then a desktop version will give you more functionality and better vapor quality.