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Empire Glassworks

Beehive Recycler Water Pipe


This themed recycler bong from Empire Glassworks has the perfect combination of artistry, functionality, and portability. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to pass around during a smoke session while the beautiful beehive theme is guaranteed to make this piece of glass art stand out in your collection. Throughout the recycler is amber worked glass accents in the form of bees and honey drippings. Inside of the bong are two clear glass chambers that cycle your smoke through the honeycomb perc before it rises through the bent neck mouthpiece. It also features a 45 degree 14mm female joint that connects to a unique worked glass male bowl in the shape of a beehive. This water pipe is handblown from 5mm thick borosilicate glass in Placentia, California.

About the Brand

Empire Glassworks was established in 2013 to cater to the vaping and smoking accessories market. The glass artists at Empire have over 40 years of experience with crafting exquisite figurines, borosilicate beads, and metal-infused trinkets for the high-end jewelry community. With those skills and that to inspire them, Empire Glassworks has been able to create a full line of hand-crafted vaping and smoking accessories, including bongs, dab rigs, dabbing tools, hand pipes and water pipe accessories.  Their work is colorful and very pop cultural, and every piece they make is hand blown in California. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to support smaller batch glassmakers and artists like Empire Glassworks.

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