Extreme Q by Arizer
 Extreme Q by Arizer
 Extreme Q by Arizer
 Extreme Q by Arizer


Extreme Q


A Re-engineered Version Of An Old Favorite
To create the new Extreme Q, Canadian vape brand Arizer completely re-engineered their Arizer Extreme vaporizer.  The result is a top of the line desktop vape that is elegant, powerful and reliable. The Extreme Q’s precision temperature control and variable fan speeds perform to meet the most demanding user needs. The included whip, made from medical-grade silicone tubing, delivers vapor that is cool and pure. For those looking for convenience, the Extreme Q is the world’s first remote controlled vaporizer.

A dual-wall stainless steel housing in a midnight-chrome finish keeps the exterior cool, and glass parts are used to deliver cool, smooth & tasty vapor. Manufactured to the highest standards using only the highest quality components, the Extreme Q is built to last, featuring a triple heat sensor and dual functionality (you can use the whip or fill the included balloon).


Completely re-engineered
LCD screen
Midnight chrome finish
Ceramic heating element
New quieter fan function
Multiple fan speed settings
Remote control for convenient use
Dual functionality - balloon bag or whip attachment
Precise temperature control with triple heat sensor


Material: Dry herb
Heat Time: 2 minutes
Heat Type: Convection
Temp Settings:  Can be set precisely by degree (range is 122° F – 500° F)
Dimensions: 12h x 12” w x 8” d
Voltage: Dual (110v + 220v)
Warranty:  2 years

In the Box

Extreme Q Vaporizer
Remote Control
2x Glass Cyclone Bowls with Flat Screens
Pre-Attached Long Whip for Direct Draw
3' Whip Tubing
Glass Whip Mouthpiece
Glass Elbow Adapter with Dome Screen
All Glass Mini Whip
2x Balloons
2x Mouthpieces
Glass Stir Tool
Screen Pack
Flat Screen
Dome Screen
Glass Whip Mouthpiece
Glass Potpourri Dish with Potpourri Sample
110/220V Power Supply

About the Brand

Canadian manufacturer Arizer is known for pushing boundaries in the vaporizer industry. The Extreme Q, released in 2011, put the brand on the map. The same year they released the Solo vaporizer, which is notable for having luxuries not seen in portable vapes, including an extra wide chamber and a borosilicate mouthpiece. Innovations like these have allowed Arizer to consistently rank as the best on the market in terms of affordability, performance, and flexibility.

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