Flowered Dual Use Water Pipe by Grog Glass
 Flowered Dual Use Water Pipe by Grog Glass
 Flowered Dual Use Water Pipe by Grog Glass

Grog Glass

Flowered Dual Use Water Pipe


This stunning work of art by is a perfect example of the functional art that Grog Glass creates in their Oregon studio.  This piece is a dual use water pipe.  It comes with two different downstems--one that features a bowl (for dry herbs) and one with a female dome (for use with concentrates).  Each downstem contains two holes to filter and distill  for smoother hits. The colorful water pipe itself is constructed from a mixture of red, orange, and wisteria glass in a beautiful pattern. The chamber of the water pipe contains swirls of cream colored glass to accentuate the brighter colors. Branching off of the glass bong are 7 different colored flowers, using pink glass, red glass, blue glass, and yellow glass. In the center of each of the flowers is a protruding glass marble. This fantastic heady glass dual use water pipe is constructed from thick glass here and is hand blown in the United States.


American made
Hand blown
Heady glass
Flared mouthpiece
Includes 2 different downstems (both removable/diffused)
Dual use (for both concentrates and dry herbs)


Height: 11"
Base Width: 3"
Joint: 14 mm female
Materials: Fumed glass/high quality borosilicate glass
Glass Thickness: 5 mm

About the Brand

Based Eugene, Oregon, Grog Glass run by a glass impresario named Greg LeFevre who has a very colorful view of life, liberty and the pursuit of great times. He creates heady glass that is noted for its color saturation and floral motifs. His use of dichroic glass and wave-like ripples gives his pieces a very trippy feel. Grog Glass creates large water pipes and bongs along with hand pipes, dabbers and pendants. SmokeSmith Gear is proud to be one of a select few retailers carrying Grog Glass and we continue to support independent American glassworks like Greg LeFevre and his Grog Glass studio mates.

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