What to Expect from Cannabis in 2019

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The year 2018 played host to a slew of changes to the legal cannabis landscape. Canada passed nationwide recreational legalization, hemp was made legal in the United States for the first time since 1937, big steps were made for cannabis legalization at the ballot box, and manufacturers everywhere continued to develop innovative and effective products. 2018 was a big year for legal cannabis, but 2019 has some huge potential. But what should you realistically expect for cannabis out of this year?

Continued Push for Legalization

Map of Marijuana Legality in 2018With Canada passing full-blown recreational cannabis legalization and three more states in the US following suit, 2018 was a massive year for the cannabis industry. Legalization is at a tipping point right now, and it will soon be a hot topic in the 2020 presidential election. It is the first time that cannabis is a hot topic in a presidential election. There has been a massive surge in support for cannabis all across the nation, and the future is looking bright for the industry.

Though there are still a lot of hurdles left to jump, cannabis has made some massive strides toward widespread acceptance and legality. 2019 is set to be a big year for our beloved industry. Only time will tell what will happen for the legalization movement this year.

CBD Keeps Growing

On the topic of legalization, the 2018 Farm Bill passing at the end of last year is setExample of CBD Oil Derived from Hemp to lead to some incredible progress in the mass production and distribution of hemp and hemp-derived products. Prior to hemp production becoming prohibited, the United States alone produced 25,000 different products that were derived or contained hemp. By removing hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, people all over the United States now have the opportunity to explore all the possibilities of hemp usage.

CBD use has become more and more popular over the past few months, with CBD dispensaries popping up in non-legal states like Starbucks. The possibilities of what CBD can do to help society have only begun to be explored. 2019 will definitely be a year of CBD and hemp exploration. This section of the cannabis industry is set to explode this year.

Expunging Cannabis Related Offenses

Thanks to legalization – especially recreational legalization – there are municipalities that are deeming it appropriate to expunge all marijuana related offenses. This movement garnered a lot of attention this past November, and it will only continue to gain momentum in the face of the 2020 presidential election. Some states, like New Jersey, are lumping expunging offenses into legalization legislation, taking out two birds with one stone. Other future pushes for legalization will probably also include some form of pardon for marijuana-related offenses, but only time will tell.

Research and Development

Hexagon Bong by BRNT DesignsFew things are sure for the future of cannabis, but one thing is guaranteed: manufacturers will continue to develop innovative products to enhance the cannabis experience. From stellar glass pipes to intricate herbal vapes, the world of cannabis consumption is going to continue to thrive and expand. Last year, we saw the production of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH and the PuffCo Peak among a host of awesome lines of glass pipes from multiple brands. We even saw the creation of a pretty awesome, dishwasher safe, ceramic bong with BRNT DesignsPeak Smart Rig by PuffCo and their Hexagon Bong. 2018 played host to a wide array of awesome glass pieces and herbal vaporizers, but there is no limit to the innovation and creativity of the cannabis community. 2019 is sure to have just as many, if not more, awesome products to add to the growing cannabis marketplace.

Nothing is set in stone, and some or all of these predictions could turn out to not be true. Anything could happen in 2019, so the only thing we can do is sit tight and hold on for the ride. 

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