What Is An Herb Grinder And How Are They Used?

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If you’re new to smoking or vaping legal dry herb, you may have a few questions about grinders and how to use one. Grinders can be purchased at almost any headshop (we sell many grinders). They can be as simple as a grinding card (like a cheese grater for dry herb) or a more complex multi-chamber device, such as the Kannastor GR8TR Jar Grinder.

But what are the benefits of a grinder?  And how exactly are they used?  We will explore the answers to these questions in this article and provide some tips for keeping your medical grade herb grinder clean.

What Is a Grinder And Why Do I Need One For Dry Herb?

As you might have guessed, a grinder is the tool you use to break dry herb up into small bits for smoother-hitting bowls and more evenly packing vaporizer chambers. Grinders speed up the process of separating herbs and they make it easier to conserve dry herb.

Most grinders are metal or aluminum, though some very good grinders are made of wood (like this one from Marley Natural).  Grinders have at least two interlocking pieces that form an upper and lower chamber.  The upper chamber contains an array of metal teeth slice the dry herb. The ground herb then falls through the small holes between the two pieces and lands in the lower chamber.

How to Use an Herb Grinder

Step 1: Remove the top lid from the grinder. Use your fingers to break up larger buds and then place them in between the grinder’s teeth. Don’t any herb in grinder’s center as this is where the magnet pivots, and nothing in the center gets grinded.

Step 2: Replace the top of the grinder and give it about 10 rotations (you should grind until all the dry herb has fallen through the holes). Remove the top and tap it against the grinder’s side to help loosen up any pieces stuck in the teeth.

Step 3: Unscrew the chamber (the area with the teeth) and remove it; this will reveal the basket layer holding all your freshly ground dry herb. Load this is into your bong bowl, pipe, blunt or vaporizer, and enjoy!

How to Clean a Sticky Grinder

At some point your grinder will become dirty and sticky with resin. The threading on the sides where pieces screw together will become gummy, making it difficult to twist open. To avoid having your grinder lock up you should keep it clean.  Here are some tips on how to keep it working well:

  • Rub the sticky grinder parts with isopropyl alcohol and salt. This is a go-to cleaning method for pipes and bongs, but it works just as well for getting rid of the stickiness on grinder pieces.
  • Use a small brush (such as a stiff-bristled paintbrush or toothbrush) to knock all the kief loose from the screen.
  • Freezing your grinder makes it harder for kief to stick to surfaces. Consider putting your grinder in the freezer before cleaning it if it’s especially dirty.

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