The Top Dry Herb Vapes For 2019

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The legal cannabis industry is growing at a more rapid pace than ever before, and with this growth comes a new set of problems that consumers have to face. Smokers everywhere are being overwhelmed with options for everything from grinders and bongs to herbal vapes and everything in between. With so many choices, it is always a pain to find the perfect one that will fit your smoking arsenal. That is why SmokeSmith Gear is here to help guide you to find the perfect choice for you.

Previously, we showed you some of the best bongs to keep an eye on in 2019, so now it is time to delve into another part of the industry: dry herb vaporizers. Take a look at these awesome choices for vaporizers that are sure to make your legal cannabis experience exponentially more enjoyable.

PuffCo Peak Smart Rig: $380.00

Peak Smart Rig by PuffCoUnless you have been living under a rock in the past few years, you have probably heard the name PuffCo thrown around in the legal cannabis industry. This sunny California based vaporizer manufacturer made a name for itself a while back by pumping out stellar, portable concentrate vaporizers, like the PuffCo Pro 2. In 2018, though, PuffCo released the Peak Smart Rig, a device that completely obliterated community expectations and veered away entirely from the type of vape that PuffCo was known for.

The PuffCo Peak is not your run of the mill herbal vaporizer. It acts as a substitute for a glass dab rig, delivering the same satisfying experience concentrate users have come to love without all the added hassle of dealing with a torch and extremely fragile glass piece. The Peak Smart Rig combines the best of both worlds by allowing you to enjoy all the incredible flavor of a dab with the convenience of a portable herbal vape.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Vaporizer: $400.00

Much like PuffCo, Dr. Dabber is another titan in the legal cannabis industry. Dr. Dr. Dabber SWITCH VaporizerDabber herbal vaporizers have been a staple in many smokers' tool kits for a long time, but the introduction of the SWITCH has completely changed the game. Like the Peak, the SWITCH is more of a rig than a vaporizer, but it definitely still offers the same functionality that many vaporizers do, especially when you are talking about desktop-style devices.

The SWITCH Vaporizer is Dr. Dabber's combination of a dab rig and desktop style herbal vaporizer, bringing out the best of both worlds (is this sounding similar to anything else… maybe the Peak?) Just like its competitor, the SWITCH offers simple functionality while maximizing the effectiveness of the device. However, with a height of over a foot, the SWITCH might be better left at home than lugged around like the Peak. If you do end up bringing it out and about, though, the sturdy overall design of the device and thick borosilicate glass make it a viable option. Dr. Dabber even offers a two year warranty just in case. 

Firefly 2 Herbal Vape: $330.00

Firefly 2 Herbal VaporizerSan Francisco based Firefly is one of the more underrated vaporizer manufacturers out there. Many smokers don't even know the company exists, but that does not mean that they offer a subpar product. The Firefly 2 Portable Vaporizer is hands-down one of the best on the market. This sleek little device is sure to bring out all the amazing, terpy flavors from both legal dry herb and concentrates. And with six temperature settings, you can always dial in that perfect hit every time.

Firefly has always been committed to providing legal cannabis enthusiasts experiences that completely shatter the competition. The original version of the Firefly vaporizer did a good job of this, but the second iteration hit this goal out of the park. The Firefly 2 sports a large lithium ion battery, a slew of temperature control options, and it is built like a Mac truck. You can't go wrong with this portable herbal vape.

Arizer ArGo: $270.00

ArGo Portable Vape by ArizerThe Arizer ArGo portable dry herb vape may not allow you to enjoy concentrates with it, but the flavor and quality of the vaping experience will make you not care. Arizer is a Canadian vaporizer manufacturer that has been around since 2011, and this company has been consistently pumping out awesome devices since launch. From the Extreme Q to the Solo, Arizer has proven itself time and time again in the legal cannabis industry.

The ArGo was crafted as a response to some of the big desktop vaporizer manufacturers entering into the portable device game, and it has not disappointed. If you are looking for a portable dry herb vape that delivers amazing flavor and sports an extended battery life, then look no further. The ArGo is the one for you.

Storz & Bickel Crafty: $340.00

Speaking of desktop manufacturers entering into the portable vaporizer scene,Storz and Bickel the Crafty Vape Storz & Bickel, the minds behind the Volcano Desktop Vaporizer, has recently released The Crafty. This vape may come with a hefty price tag, but it is definitely worth every penny. The Crafty sports a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, an adjustable temperature range, and it is one of the easiest devices to operate. Storz & Bickel has proven once more that German engineering can solve any problem. This device packs the same flavor and power as the company's original claim to fame, the Volcano, but with the convenience of a portable vaporizer.

DaVinci MIQRO Vape: $150.00

MIQRO Herbal Vape by DaVinciThe MIQRO Herbal Vaporizer by DaVinci is one unlike any other, outclassing a lot of the other portable devices on the market. DaVinci prides itself in producing vaporizers that continue to push the boundaries of what is thought possible. This iteration of DaVinci's award winning vaporizers offers a customizable experience that you can tailor fit to your smoking style. If you want to get the most flavor out of your legal dry herb, then the DaVinci MIQRO might be the best vape for you.

Boundless Tera Vaporizer: $220.00

Tera Portable Vape by BoundlessBoundless Technologies is one of the oldest vaporizer manufacturers in the legal cannabis industry, getting its start all the way back in 1995. Along with Storz & Bickel, Boundless is one of the grandfathers of the industry and is partly responsible for making the market what it is today. Boundless Technologies is committed to providing smokers access to extremely effective portable herbal vapes that allow you to use both legal dry herb and concentrates.

The Tera is the latest addition to the Boundless line of portable herbal vaporizers, and it offers users a unique experience that far exceeds previous models. It offers a fast heat up time, five temperature settings to dial in flavor, and it runs off of two 18650 batteries. Most companies offer internal battery devices that do not allow you to carry multiple sets of batteries to replace them on the fly. Thanks to the popularity of electronic cigarettes, there are a ton of options to get your hands on a spare set of 18650 batteries. Never run out of battery with the Boundless Tera vaporizer.

Haze Square Pro: $190.00

For those that are looking to get the absolute most out of their vaping experience,Square Pro by Haze you should be looking toward the Haze Square Pro. This ingenious herbal vape is the first device to offer an all-in-one quad-chamber experience that allows you to easily transition between wax, flower, and oils. The Square Pro runs off of two 18650 batteries to allow for extended battery life, and Haze even offers a massive ten year warranty on each device. 

If you are looking for the best herbal vaporizer to add to your smoking arsenal, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there are no wrong answers. Take a look at all of these awesome products and see which one meshes best with your style. SmokeSmith Gear is here to help make your herbal vaping experience unforgettable.

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