The Ultimate Guide to Beaker Bongs

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Though there are plenty of ways to enjoy legal cannabis, the glass bong is still the go-to choice for many smokers out there. Whether you are a new smoker or you have been around the block a few times, you have probably picked up a bong once or twice. They provide a smooth, heavy hit that make them the kind of glass pieces. Even with the rise of herbal vapes, glass bongs tend to provide the best smoking experience.

Of course, there are a wide variety of bongs available, and each of them come with their own advantages and unique features. One of the most widely recognized styles is the classic beaker bong, standing tall above all the other types of glass bongs out there.

What is a Beaker Bong?

The beaker style is named for how the base of the bong flares out in a cone much like a beaker from a lab does. This style of bong is generally made out of sturdy borosilicate glass, and follows the idea of function over form. Most beaker style glass bongs available do not sport over the top, fancy adornments like some of the other pieces out there. However, where they fail in fancy design, they make up for in function.






Beaker bong example broken down

Beaker bongs are some of the most commonly recognized glass bongs available because of how sturdy they are and how much water they can hold. Because beaker bongs flare out at the base, they can hold a lot more water than their straight pipe counterparts, making them ideal for anyone that is searching for something that will keep smoke cooled down and filtered well. Some types of beaker bongs even offer added percolators in order to even further cool down and filter smoke.

Advantages of Using a Beaker Bong

The most significant advantage to using beaker bongs is how smooth the hit is off of one. Typically, large glass bongs tend to be a little harsher than other forms of glass pieces, especially straight tube bongs. The beaker style allows you to use larger amounts of water, taking away a lot of the roughness that has been attributed to glass bongs.

The primary reason behind beaker bongs being a smoother smoking experience is the increased filtration. With more water in the base of the bong, the smoke you pull through the piece gets filtered more, cooling it down and allowing you to get a huge rip that doesn't scorch your throat.

Twin beaker bongs exampleOutside of the added filtration, beaker bongs also tend to be a lot sturdier than their counterparts. The flared base essentially eliminates the possibility of tipping beaker bongs over, making this style ideal for new and clumsy smokers alike. Additionally, beaker style pieces are much easier to clean than other types with their long straight tube and large base. If you are looking for a glass bong that is super easy to use and maintain, this style is right up your alley.

Best Beaker Bongs Available

With so many different options of glass manufacturers out there, it can be a pain to sift through the different glass pieces to find the bong that is right for you. Here are a few different beaker bongs available that are sure to blow you away and make your smoking experience great.

GRAV Labs Arcline Beaker Bong

Arcline beaker style bongOne of the best glass manufacturers out there is Texas-based GRAV Labs. These guys craft amazing scientific glass, and their newest line, Arcline, exemplifies the company's glass prowess. The Arcline line of glass pieces are inspired by ancient architecture, and one of the best pieces from the line is the Beaker Bong.

The Arcline Beaker Bong is one of sturdiest, small glass bongs available right now, standing at only eight inches tall. Despite this piece being relatively new, it blows the competition out of the water with its quality construction and how smooth each pull is (even without a percolator). Plus, the flame-polished GRAV emblem gives it a clean, stylish look.

Ronin Beaker Bong w/ UFO Perc

One of the most sought after additions to a glass bong is a great percolator for Ronin Glass beaker bong with percolatoradded smoke filtration. Ronin Glass has you covered here with their Beaker Bong w/ UFO Perc. This large glass bong will blow you away with just how smooth each hit is. Not to mention, Ronin is notorious for crafting thick borosilicate glass pieces, and this one is no different. As soon as you pick up this piece, you will notice just how sturdy and thick it is, making it a perfect option for any smoker out there, from beginner to veteran.

The UFO style percolator included in this Ronin Beaker Bong allows for a smooth hit every time. This percolator is one of the most underrated styles out there, but it provides an excellent experience that cannot be beaten.

GRAV Labs Helix Beaker Bong

GRAV Labs Helix beaker bongAlong the same line as the Ronin Beaker Bong, GRAV Labs offers another beaker style piece that utilizes additional percolation for added filtration with their Helix Beaker Bong.

GRAV Labs' Helix line utilizes small holes to inject air and keep smoke nice and cool. This pairing of the beaker style with GRAV Labs' helix design makes for a great option for just about every smoker out there.

Final Thoughts On Beaker Bongs

Finding the right glass bong can be quite difficult, especially with how many different styles and sizes there are available. But, no matter if you are a veteran smoker or you are brand new, a beaker bong is a safe bet to go with. This style allows for much more stability than others out there with far more filtration without needing to add percolators.

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