The Top 5 Glass Pipe & Bong Brands of 2018

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Whether you have been smoking for decades or are new to the game chances are good you need a solid glass piece in your collection. Glass is one of the best conduits there is for smoke, and it offers a clean, pure smoking experience, especially if you’re using a water pipe or bubbler.

But given the vast array of brands available selecting the perfect glass pipes can be confusing, whether you are looking for a hand pipe or a bong. When you walk into your local head shop or dispensary or go online to a retailer such as us, the sheer amount of options tends to be overwhelming. To make things easier we put together this guide, breaking down which glass brands stand out above the rest.

Here are our top five picks for the best glass companies to look out for in 2018: 


The first brand on the list of best glass manufacturers is Nucleus, a relatively new company formed and run out of Central Jersey. For anyone that doesn't quite know what you want to smoke out of, but wants to find quality pieces, Nucleus would be a good choice.

Nucleus provides quality products at a price that won't hurt your wallet, making them a great choice for newcomers and veterans alike. And they offer a wide variety of products to make sure your smoking sessions are top-notch. From the Hexagon Silicone Jar to the 90° Ashcatcher w/ Matrix Perc, Nucleus' lineup is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of glass snobs out there. They even have a Universal E-Nail Kit for those that prefer concentrates to legal dry herb.

Jane West

The next glass pipe manufacturer on our list is the Jane West line, a collaboration between Grav Labs and Jane West, one of the leading activists and advocates for social change in the cannabis industry. With clean lines and an elegant style, Jane West caters more towards those smokers that want heady glass that won't break the bank but still has an elegant aesthetic.

Jane West is often referred to as one of the most influential voices in this industry, so it makes sense that her influence spread into the glass pipes that we all know and love. Each of these pieces is designed to be clean, simple, and beautiful. From the Jane West Beaker Bong to the Jane West Steamroller, these pipes are the definition of elegance and style.


While on the subject of elegant, simple heady glass pipes, Summerland is the next obvious choice. From their Land Yacht Pipe to their Chongo Ceramic Bong, Summerland provides top-notch quality and an aesthetic that unlike most other bongs on the market. 

While most bongs these days are made of glass, Summerland prefers to use ceramic stoneware, which is what gives their wares the signature white look. Ceramic is also a bit more durable than glass, so breakage is less of an issue. And that’s handy if your social circle includes a lot of smokers with less than agile hands.

Liberty 503 Glass

Crafting beautiful glass pipes out of Portland, Oregon, Liberty 503 Glass makes this list for their ornate, artistic designs, which act as functioning art pieces. Started in 1999, Liberty 503 Glass has been through thick and thin and remains steadfast in its desire to produce high-end, beautiful pipes.

Liberty 503 Glass outpaces its competition the sheer amount of options it provides for each of its pieces. Whether you want to pick up one of the Thoroughly Sandblasted Spoon Pipe or the Sandblasted Wig Wag Hammer Pipe, you can choose a unique them that best fits your fancy.

Empire Glassworks

If you are an avid fan of quirky hand pipe and water pipe designs, this final installment in the best glass manufacturers list, Empire Glassworks, is sure to tickle your fancy. Empire Glassworks serves up heady glass pieces that span the range of fantasy- and nature-based, resonating more as art than smoking utensils.

Empire Glassworks is one of those companies that caters to the imagination of smokers. Whether you are looking for a Hot Dog Steamroller or a Kitty Donut Bong is more your style, Empire Glassworks has you covered.


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