The Online Headshop Reimagined: A Manifesto Of Sorts

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On a day when leaders from a number of traditional retailers are meeting with the President of the United States to discuss the future of the retail industry, the economy and the border tax plan, we at SmokeSmith Gear feel inspired to opine on the current state of headshops.

As an online retailer that sells the best bongs, water pipes, smoking pipes, glass devices, vaporizers, smoking accessories and luxury items, we firmly believe that the future is digital. And we are striving to re-invent the way that you experience an online headshop. We have no gripes with the beautiful dispensaries and shops that are popping up in legal states across this great land.  But having worked for many years for one of the largest brick and mortar retailers in the world, we understand the limitations that come with with being planted in one physical space.  Real estate is a drag, man. So is the inability to reach customers any time of day anywhere they are.

We launched this business because we were dissatisfied by the current crop of online stores that sell the goods we offer.  They were functional, but just barely.  And if you could manage to cut through the clutter and cacophony you might be able to find an item you wanted, assuming you felt enough trust to give them your hard-earned money.

We built SmokeSmith Gear because we wanted did not exist, and we believed we could create the best online headshop on the planet.  I mean, is there any task more noble in the 21st century? Of course.  But we are not doctors or teachers or heroes, so we had to do what we could.

We started with the premise that shopping for bongs, vaporizers, pipes and smoking accessories should an experience, not just a task that requires the consumer to visit a dingy headshop with a billow of smoke as the logo or a slang stoner term as the name.

We started with the idea that you deserved more than that.

We know that many of our customers are using their phones and tablets to shop.  That’s why we were built as a mobile-first platform.  We understand that your time is valuable. That’s why we offer one-click shopping, an easy to navigate site and lightning fast search that lets you find what you seek easily and quickly. Seriously. Try our search. It’s fucking epic. And we get that while you may be fully embrace the green revolution you still want some discretion and some elegance.

That is why we built an online headshop that does not feel like a headshop at all.

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