The Future Of Cannabis Is Vaping

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One of the questions we get asked a lot is whether our customers prefer to use bongs/pipes, joints or vaporizers to consume.  And the answer we typically give is: all of the above, at least based on our sales data.

But it is undeniable that more and more new users are seeking the health and wellness benefits that are inherent in vaporizers, which do not produce smoke because they heat at a lower temperature than traditional smoking methods.  Thus they produce less tar and carcinogens.

Vaping is so big, in fact, that Business Insider calls it "the future of cannabis" in a big story that they published earlier this week.  The piece details the popularity of vaporizers and gives a brief introduction into how vaping is done.  It also goes into detail on the popularity of cannabis oils, which grown exponentially in sales in the past few years.

We at SmokeSmith Gear are advocates of vaping, and we offer a large assortment of vaporizers for all needs, including those for use with dry herbs, those for oils and wax and even e-cigarettes.

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