The Coming North American Bong & Glass Pipe Boom

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Vice is at the forefront of covering most of the issues that face the world today.  The media company is know for its honest, no nonsense reporting, and its correspondents typically are well ahead of the mainstream curve.  Vice's coverage of cannabis is no exception, as evidenced by shows such as "Bong Appetit" and "Weediquette."

In a new documentary entitled "Bongs Inc.," Vice turns its attention to the glass boom that is happening in Canada, where national legalization is more of a reality.  The film details this glass boom and highlights the fact that there are rigs selling for four and five figures these days.  The boom is both a blessing and a curse, as it will require a balance between the glass industry's artisinal heritage and the bigger industry that is beginning to form.

As the video notes glass artists, brands and headshops will need to work together to create a harmonious situation which benefits consumers and glass collectors.  At SmokeSmith Gear we work with many small North American artisans and we understand that they do feel encroached upon. We believe this Vice film shows both sides of the issue and is of interest to anybody who follows the creation of bongs, dab rigs, hand pipe and bubblers.


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