The Benefits Of Using A Vape For Legal Dry Herbs And Concentrates

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In recent years, the words “vape” and “vaporizer” have entered the public consciousness in a big way. In fact, the term vape is so pervasive it was included into the Oxford Dictionary in 2014. Vaporizers are now as common as every other form of consuming tobacco, medicine, legal dry herbs and extracts, and chances are good that you have a seen people vaping on the street or when hanging out with friends.

For those who choose to consume legal dry herbs and extracts with a vaporizer there many great benefits, which we will explore below.

Vaporizers Reduce Harmful Toxins

One of the main benefits of using a vaporizer is that it is a healthier experience compared with smoking. Vaporizers heat up the dry herb or extracts to the point where it causes the cannabinoids to evaporate without causing the substance to combust or burn. As a consequence, vapor does not contain any of the carbon monoxide, tar or other harmful toxins found in smoke.

When legal/medical cannabis is burned, the smoke created contains 88 percent non-cannabinoid particles. The majority of cannabinoids are destroyed by heat during the combustion process, leaving mostly potentially harmful particles. Conversely, when legal or medical cannabis is vaporized, the cannabinoid content of the vapor is closer to 95%. As a result, vapor is much healthier and more pure than smoke.

Vaporizers Are Easier On The Lungs

Many experts believe vaping is easier on the lungs because of the fact that the substances that one is vaporizing never reach the point of combustion. This reduces the number of toxins and carcinogens that are inhaled. Vaping is gentler on the lungs and help to prevent many of the problems suffered by long-term smokers. If you are concerned about your health or you just dislike the taste and aromas produced by smoking then a vaporizer can offer a kinder, gentler alternative.

Vaporizers Offer Better & More Effective Pain Relief

It’s important to remember that consuming legal dry herbs and extracts is considered medicine for many people who seek pain relief from cannabis. Hundreds of thousands of people, all around the world, consume medical marijuana as a way to soothe pain and chronic sickness. Vaping offers a healthier and easier to use alternative for such patients because smoking is not always an easy thing to do when you’re sick. Plus, it’s counter-intuitive to consume something thing that’s good for you using a method that can actually cause harm (which smoking can do). As a result vaporizers are very popular patients who consume medical cannabis as form of pain control. It provides more accurate dosing and an almost instant physiological response.

Vaping Is More Discreet Than Smoking

In addition to the other benefits offered by vaporizers they are also more discreet than smoking.  Vaporizers produce vapor, not smoke, so there is less physical evidence to see and less smell. There are many vaporizers that are small enough to fit into the front pocket of a pair of pants, so they are portable and easy to hide for those who need to do so. Moreover, pen vaporizers are the same size and shape of a cigarette, so those using pen vapes outside will appear as though they are merely smoking a cigarette. For those seeking discretion vaporizers are a handy device to have around.

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