The Benefits Of Using A Good Herb Grinder

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Herb grinders are an essential tool in any smoker's arsenal.  First off all, they are fun to use, as the grinder action is very satisfying. They are also more efficient than using your hands or a pair of scissors. But, most importantly, grinders ensure that your dry herb is even and consistent in texture, which makes it easier to consume.

Whether you are using a vaporizer, a water pipe or rolling one up, grinders are the perfect starting point to a fun session. Here is a detailed look at the benefits of using a grinder, as per the excellent blog Weedist:

Taste / Smell / Looks: Grinding up the buds really unlocks the wonderful aromas that isn’t matched by your fingers.  Grinding creates a much larger surface area of virgin material that smells and tastes amazing.  The consistency even looks sexier than the randomly-sized lumps from breaking apart by hand.
Potency/Efficiency: Whether you’re smoking, vaporizing, or ingesting, it’s best when your buds are ground beforehand.  The herb is ground up into small consistent pieces, which maximizes surface area.  This also helps provides a nice even burning/vaporizing and avoid things like ‘canoeing’ on your joints.  Ignoring the annoying aspect from sticky fingers when breaking up buds by hand, more importantly those sticky fingers are soaking up trichomes and hurting potency.  All of this translates into increased potency/efficiency.
Cost Savings:   Increased potency and efficiency translates into cost savings as you don’t need as much marijuana to produce the same effect.  If combustion is your normal means of consumption, this also means you can cut down on the amount of smoke you’re taking in.
Time Savings: Nevermind all of the above benefits vs. breaking up by hands or with scissors, get to the reward faster.  Grinding can be done in 1/4 to 1/2 of the time of the more manual methods!
Kief: If you use a 3 or 4 piece grinder, it should have a kief catcher.  Kief refers to the trichomes (the resin glands, ‘crystals’) which is the more pure & potent part of the plant and what’s used to make hash.  After a couple of weeks you’ll have a nice little pile of kief.  Just sprinkle some on top of your marijuana for an extra kick or smoke it straight for a wild ride.  Some of the higher-end grinders even come with ‘pollen presses’ for some homemade hash

At SmokeSmith Gear we sell a large selection of grinders from leading brands, including Space Case, Santa Cruz Shredder, Aerospaced and Phoenician Engineering. Most of the grinder we sell are 4-piece, which we find work best.  They are larger and allow the user to grind more legal dry herb, making them more efficient.  They are are also a bit more sturdy.  But the smaller 2 and 3 piece grinders are handy for travel, and we have a selection of those as well.  Whatever grinder you choose to use make sure to keep it clean and well maintained as this will prolong it's life. Happy grinding!

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