Starbucks Sues Bong Maker Over Bong Modeled On The Frapuccino

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This past summer Starbucks, the well known coffee monolith, took a small company to court over a bong.  Yes, that's right.  A bong.  Or, more specifically, a dab rig.

The company that was sued by Starbucks, which has a market cap of $81 billion, was Hitman Glass. Hitman is a maker of some of the finest bongs in the world. Founded in Boston in 2009 they have since migrated Los Angeles, and they continue to make beautiful, highly functional glass art.

Starbucks bubbler

At issue was a collection that Hitman playfully named the "Dabuccino." They took the shape of a plastic cup and featured a green mouthpiece with an etching of a siren on the chamber.  As you can see from the photo there is a resemblance between the two item.

Or at least Starbucks believed there was.  So they sued, claiming that Hitman “willfully intended to create an association with the Starbucks Marks and to capitalize upon the success and popularity of the Starbucks Marks to sell [their] products."

The complaint was initially filed back in June against James Landgraf, an Oregon glass artist who designed the bongs and Hitman, which agreed to sell and market the bongs.

The judge presiding over the course ruled in favor of Starbucks, ordering Landgraf and Hitman to turn over all the profits and pay for attorney's fees.  The final toll was just north of $410,000, which is pretty pricey for a few bongs. 

That said, the "Dabuccino" line pieces sold for anywhere from $200 to $8,000, and are now certain to become an iconic collectible item, thanks to the lawsuit.

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