The Hydrology 9 By Cloudious9 Is The Smart Vape You've Been Looking For

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With legal cannabis on the rise and more consumers joining the market everyday there is tremendous incentive (and pressure) for manufacturers to create increasingly innovative products that transform the smoking and vaping experience. From complex desktop vapes to simple pens to new types of bongs, there are now a wider variety of products available to smokers than ever before.

The Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 a prime example of this sort of innovation and great design. This unique dry herb device combines borosilicate glass and space grade anodized aluminum into a marvel that marries a bong and a portable vape.  The result: a liquid filtration vaporizer that produces the smoothest vapor you've ever tasted.

The best vapes on the market

The unique design of the Hydrology9 is what really makes this vaporizer shine. There is no other vape available right now that can compete with the Hydrology9 when it comes to water filtration. With every hit, it is as if you are ripping the smoothest glass bong, an experience that is just not possible from the majority of vaporizers on the market. 

Not only does the Hydrology9 sport a unique vaping experience, but the built-in 2000mAh lithium polymer battery keeps the vape going all night long. There are few devices available that sport the battery life that Cloudious9 offers with this vape. Plus, due to the device's ingenious design, it is completely leak-resistant; no matter what way you twist or flip the Hydrology9, the water inside will not slip out. 

Hydrology9 by Cloudious9 components

The vaporizer has five heat settings, with its temperature monitored and adjusted by a microchip processor.  Each of the five temperature settings has a different color, creating a pleasant light show effect through the water.

Overall, Cloudious9 has kept true to its vow to stay on the cutting edge of the legal cannabis industry and create quality vaporizers. The Hydrology9 provides an excellent experience that cannot be rivaled by its competition. The only real downside with this device that it's size makes it too big to fit into a pocket. At 7 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide it's still portable, but it must be carried in a bag or purse.  Fortunately, in our testing there was no leakage at all, so the water is not an issue.

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