The Ultimate Online Headshop Gift Guide For The 2018 Holiday Season

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Whether you are looking for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or just a little pick-me-up for your favorite dry herb enthusiast, there are so many options available right now. Your head might start spinning if you jump right in to picking up 420 friendly gifts, but it doesn't have to. SmokeSmith Gear is here to help you navigate the massive legal cannabis market to find the gifts that fit perfectly with yourself or your fellow dry herb lovers. From glass hand pipes and water bongs to the coolest vaporizers and accessories, SmokeSmith Gear is the online headshop that has got you covered.

For the Glass Lover...

Outside of picking up legal cannabis, the best gift you can get a smoker is a classic glass pipe. Glass has always been, and will probably remain, the primary way that legal cannabis users enjoy their herb. Despite vaping and edibles making a play for the top spot as the movement for legalization gains momentum, glass is still king. Here are a few ideas for great glass gifts that will make great additions to any smoker's arsenal.

Empire Glassworks

One of the primary things that SmokeSmith Gear looks for when it comes to glass pipes is quality. If the glass is not up to snuff, then there is no point; nobody wants to invest hard-earned money into a piece just to have it be brittle and break off even the slightest drop or bump. For quality, there are few brands out there that can even remotely compare to Empire Glassworks.

For those smokers that are more into pop-culture inspired pieces, Empire Empire Glassworks Presidential PipeGlassworks is the way to go. No matter what fandom you are into, there is an Empire piece that would be perfect for you. They even have a Mario themed Mushroom Patch Banger Hanger Bong. If Mario isn't your forte, the Presidential Pipe might suit your fancy a little better. Give the entire collection of Empire Glassworks water bongs and hand pipes, there is bound to be a great gift in there that is perfect for you. 


Ronin Glass

Not every legal cannabis user is going to be into pop-culture references and pipes that look like they were ripped right out of an absurdist painting. Some prefer to use the more standard fare – a simple, clean, and heavy hitting water bong or hand pipe. For those folks, Ronin Glass is going to be more up their alley.

Ronin Layered RecyclerInspired by ancient samurai, Ronin Glass is all about providing the ultimate freedom of choice when it comes to finding a piece that works for you. The company pumps out stellar scientific glass pieces that feature a clean and simple aesthetic but are still powerhouses with every hit. If this sounds like something the smoker on your list would go for, give this collection a shot. You can never go wrong with the Layered Recycler with Matrix Perc, especially when it comes to amazing flavor and a smooth draw.

For the Vape User On Your List...

Glass may be the dominant way smokers enjoy legal cannabis, but vaping has really taken off recently, thanks mostly to great advancements in vaporizer technology. Manufacturers are creating more and more innovative devices that go above and beyond what glass can provide. If you or your favorite legal cannabis user want to get the most flavor out of your dry herb or concentrate, check out these great options that would brighten any smoker's holiday season.

PuffCo Peak

PuffCo has been a staple company in the vaping game for a while, but their newest Peak Smart Rig by PuffCoproduct, the Peak Smart Rig, is light-years beyond anything they came out with in the past. This unique device blends the glass and vaping worlds together into a Frankenstein creation that provides much better flavor and vapor production that puts other vapor products to shame.

The only downside to using a PuffCo Peak is that it only accepts the use of concentrates. However, dabbing has grown so rapidly since legalization started to set in, so there are few legal cannabis users that don’t at least dabble in it. If your favorite smoker likes to use concentrates, the Peak Smart Rig is a fantastic choice that will light up their holiday.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Concentrate may be the big new thing, but Dr. Dabber knows that manySwitch by Dr. Dabber concentrate users tend to also enjoy the use of legal dry herb. They came out with the Dr. Dabber Switch to encompass both sides of the industry. This unique glass and vape combination utilizes induction heating to provide a perfect hit every time. The only downside is that, at over a foot tall, it is not all that portable.

If you or your favorite stoner is prone to using legal cannabis at home, this device is perfect for you. Enjoy the most out of your legal dry herb or concentrate this holiday season. You won't regret it.

Pax 3 Complete Kit

Pax Labs is another one of the titans of the herbal vaporizer industry, and they have been pumping out awesome devices for a while now. The biggest positive for Pax is that the company does not suck every little bit of money out of its customers; they produce high-quality vapes that do not break the bank.

Pax 3 Complete Herbal VaporizerThe Pax 3 is the latest version of Pax Labs' herbal vaporizer, and it offers a wide array of alterations that bring it into the new generation of vaping technology. It is an intelligent device with an almost instantaneous heat-up time, allowing it to compete with even the most expensive desktop vaporizers. If you are searching for something simple, intuitive, and affordable, the Pax 3 Complete Kit will work wonderfully for you.

Online Headshop Stocking Stuffers...

Finding the right big gift for yourself or your favorite legal cannabis user is just the first step this holiday season. To make the holiday truly spectacular, the right stocking stuffers are essential. Whether you need something for a vaper or someone who thoroughly enjoys using glass pieces, there are endless possibilities for accessories. Check out a few of these awesome products to accentuate the perfect stoner gift (and also some other great online smoke shop holiday deals).

Alpha Puff All in One KitWith standard combustion still a major player in the legal cannabis market, there are a few essential items that make great stocking stuffers. The Alpha Puff Kit by Alpha Cat is one of the best choices, providing everything you need in one easy, portable kit. It comes with a grinder, a water pipe, a cleaning tool, and plenty of space to store all the extras you might need to carry around.

Not every smoker is going to need everything that the Alpha Puff Kit comes with, Santa Cruz Shredder Grinderthough. Most only need a nice grinder or some standard rolling papers to finish out their smoking arsenal. And there is no better grinder to get the job done than the Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Grinder. Santa Cruz makes a heavy-duty grinder that is perfect for just about every smoker out there. For rolling papers, you can't go wrong with anything from Raw. The Kingsize Supreme Rolling Papers are a go-to choice for many legal cannabis users, so they will work wonders as a stocking stuffer. 

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