The Haze Square Pro Is The Portable Vape You Need

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The legal cannabis industry is overflowing with innovative vaporizers and stellar glass pipes, but there is always room for improvement. Haze, a vaporizer manufacturer based out of Atlanta, has recently proven that with their newest product, the Square Pro, said to be the fidget spinner of dry herb vapes. As a vape store in the business of being able to provide our customers with accurate product information, we felt the need to review it.

Haze has a great track record for making fantastic and effective vaporizers, but the Square Pro is nothing like what they have done previously. This is the first vaporizer that allows users to switch between four -- yes four -- chambers and keep the sessions going longer.


The Square Pro is light years ahead of Haze's previous vaporizer, the Haze Dual V3, especially when it comes to build quality. It may follow suit with previous versions when it comes to the signature square shape, but the Square Pro takes the cake with its sturdy aluminum construction and clever functionality.

To making the best vapes, manufacturers have to provide a solid foundation that will hold up for a long time to come. If a vape hits like a truck, but can't hold up like one, then it's useless. Haze took this to heart when constructing the Square Pro, hitting the sweet spot for functionality and durability.

Haze Square Pro Herbal Vape

The true beauty of the Haze Square Pro vaporizer is that it allows you to store and switch between four separate chambers. This convection vape even allows you to switch between legal dry herb and concentrate at a moment's notice. Just twist the pivoting face of the device and vape to your heart's content.

For the most part, when manufacturers add on gimmicky features, it is at the detriment of the functionality and durability of the device itself. But Haze made sure to keep the Square Pro from suffering this fate, a fact that is obvious from the first time you get your hands on the device.


Quality construction is not the only thing to consider when creating the best herbal vape. Performance is key when trying to take over a flooded market. Haze is not lost on this with their Square Pro.

When it comes to providing excellent vapor production and a quality vaping experience, Haze has all the bases covered with the Square Pro. A lot of manufacturers fall short when implementing complex vapor pathways, keeping their devices from being the best that they can be. Haze took the time to research and develop the Square Pro to avoid the standard pitfalls of other devices available.

Square Pro Titanium CoilBeyond the four-chamber system, Haze implemented an innovative heating element in order to ensure that the Square Pro provides a high quality vaping experience whether you are using concentrates or legal dry herb. The Square Pro utilizes a tightly wound titanium coil within a ceramic heating element to provide short heat-up times and all the benefits that come from using convection heating.

Is the Square Pro Worth it? 

The Haze Square Pro herbal vaporizer has been dubbed the fidget spinner of the vaping world. But, with the device's quality construction and ingenious functionality, this vape should not be lumped in with a common fad. There are no other vapes out there that quite match the versatility that the Square Pro provides. It might not be the smallest portable vaporizer out there, but it will sure allow you to vape whatever you want, whenever you want, with ease.

Square Pro Convection Vaporizer

Haze has done an excellent job of producing a product that allows legal cannabis users the freedom to vape the way they want without all the hassle that comes with the "luxury" vapes. The Square Pro is one of the most accessible devices available right now, and the vapor quality puts other devices to shame. You can even remotely control the temperature for the Square Pro with Haze's very own app, making it the perfect vape for just about anyone.

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