The Ultimate Guide To Dabbing On A Budget (Dab Rigs Included)

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In the wake of widespread legalization, certain sections of the cannabis industry are on the rise. Thanks to its greater THC content, wax has become one fo the go-to ways to enjoy legal cannabis. All forms of legal cannabis concentrate are on a rise in popularity.

Unfortunately, for a lot of smokers out there, there is a definite barrier to entry for using concentrates. There are multiple odds and ends that you have to pick up in order to effectively enjoy concentrates, keeping many people from wanting or being able to enjoy everything wax has to offer.

But don't worry--there are a many budget-friendly options out there that save your wallet while also allowing you to delve into the world of concentrates. SmokeSmith Gear offers a wide variety of affordable options for everything you need.

Affordable Dab & Oil Rigs

The first major barrier for entry when it comes to using wax is finding a glass rig that doesn’t break the bank and holds up to regular use. You could just convert your current water pipe or glass bong into an oil rig by just replacing your dry herb bowl with a glass banger that is made specifically for enjoying concentrates.

Heady Oil Dab RigIf you have your heart set on finding a water pipe made specifically for dabbing, then there are a few affordable options available. Nucleus Glass makes some amazing, cheap oil rigs that range in size. The Nucleus Super Nano Beaker Dab Rig is available for under $30 and is unusually small. The small size might not be great for everyone, so Nucleus Glass also offers the Sidecar Dab Rig for under $100. This awesome little rig provides a sturdy surface to dab off of with a smooth percolation system that will fit great in any smoker's arsenal. For an even sturdier option with a turbo jet percolator, the GRAV Labs Circuit Bent Neck Dab Rig is also available for less than $100. No matter what your preferences are, there are affordable oil rig options out there.

Dab Nails and Bangers

Once you have your hands on a quality, affordable dab rig, the next step is finding aQuartz Glass Bangergood nail or banger. There are a lot of great nails out there, but many of them tend to be on the more expensive side. You could always just go with the standard nail that usually comes with a rig, but those tend to not hold up for long.

GRAV Labs has you covered with a Domeless Quartz Nail for just $20, allowing you to enjoy wax on a nail that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Quartz Tech is another great option for affordable nails. Check out their Flat Top Quartz Banger  for a simple banger-style nail that is great for beginners. Their Thermal P Quartz Banger is another option if you want to spend a little bit more money for increased longevity.

Finding The Right Dab Torch

This Thing Rips R Series TorchFinding a rig and nail are just part of getting yourself a quality dabbing setup. The next item up on the chopping block is a good, solid torch that will provide you with all the necessary heat to elevate your concentrate experience. This Thing Rips is one of the more popular, affordable torch brands out there. They offer the R Series Mega Torch for just about $70. However, if you are looking for something a little easier on the wallet, check out Blazer Big Shot Torch  by Higher Standards. If you can't get your hands on one of these awesome options, you can always run down to the local hardware store to grab a standard butane torch. Be warned, though, that some torches tend to not be as effective at heating up bangers as others.

Dabbers and Carb Caps

Illuminati Glass Ray Gun DabberThe last of the common essentials for dabbing are dabbers and carb caps, two accessories that could be forgone if you can get your hands on some shatter that won't stick to your fingers. If you don't have access to that, though, pick up a cheap dabber and carb cap set to finish out your perfect, affordable dabbing setup. Pick up a Double-Sided Dabber from Lavatech and a Glass Ducky Carb Cap from DankStop together for under $20. There are a ton of dabber options available ranging from standard titanium picks to whacky glass creations that look like they were pulled right out of a cartoon. You can pick up the Illuminati Ray Gun Dabber  for a fantastic price if you want something a little more eccentric to add to your collection.

What Is A Nectar Collector?

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a standard dabbing setup entails,HoneyVac Nectar Collectorthere is one other option that you can go with when it comes to wax consumption. If you are looking to bring your wax out and about with you, try out a nectar collector – the on-the-go oil dab rig. DankGeek has a HoneyVac Nectar Collector  available at a reduced price to get you dabbing in no time.

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