Is The Dr. Dabber Switch The Best Vaporizer Ever?

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In a market saturated with vaporizers, it is a breath of fresh air to see a company switch it up (no pun intended) and strive to build a device that covers all the bases and allows smokers to enjoy the full breadth of what legal cannabis has to offer. Dr. Dabber's newest all-encompassing device, the SWITCH, is taking the industry by storm, even when compared to the wide array of portable and desktop vapes available.

As a manufacturer, Dr. Dabber has been pigeonholed as being a niche option for legal cannabis consumers, with most of their devices being primarily concentrate centered. With the SWITCH, they are expanding their horizons in order to better serve the majority of users out there.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH in useThe luxury desktop vape scene is already saturated with heavy hitters, and it tends to be less than friendly to competition. The last major desktop vaporizer that tried to take the top spot, Herbalizer, experienced the cutthroat nature of this facet of the legal cannabis industry firsthand. However, Dr. Dabber is standing steadfast as a source for high-quality, luxury devices that are highly effective. They are bolstering their brand in the face of manufacturers that have been staples in the industry for years.

The Dr. Dabber Switch Has Unique Design

The biggest downside to the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is its sheer size. Yes, the device stands at just about a foot tall with a four inch girth, but its hourglass figure makes the vape seem a lot smaller than it actually is. Compared to other popular desktop vaporizers available, the SWITCH's stature is a lot easier to handle.

Outside of its large size the SWITCH sports a simple-to-use design that is fairly accessible for just about any smoker that chooses to pick one up. Much like the rest of the vaping industry, Dr. Dabber chose to go with a three-button design that the majority of people are familiar with. In addition to the simple functionality, the SWITCH utilizes thick, borosilicate glass for bubbler portion of the device to provide excellent stability and longevity. Dr. Dabber even includes a little LED action in this device, giving it a little bit more pizzazz.

The most intriguing feature of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is the induction-based Dr. Dabber SWITCH Induction Closeupheating element used within it (most vapes use either conduction or convention heating). Essentially, the device uses a coil that creates a magnetic field that then applies heat to whatever material is inside the induction cups included with the SWITCH. If you are searching for the vape that will extract all of the flavor out of your concentrate or dry herb, then you should be looking at the SWITCH. The heating element allows you to enjoy the optimal smoking experience with every hit you take.

The Dr. Dabber Switch Is High Performance

Thanks to the state-of-the art heating element and board that the Dr. Dabber SWITCH utilizes, every hit off this device absolutely RIPS! There are few devices out there that can replicate the filtered sensation of using a complex water pipe with the simplicity and versatility of a desktop vaporizer.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH Charging The only real downside when it comes to performance for the SWITCH is how long it takes to charge up the internal battery. But, with each charge the SWITCH sports a usage time of 33.3-watt hours. On average, you are only going to see about 40% of this usage time, especially when you are using the built-in self-cleaning function. However, you still get a lot more usage out of this desktop vape compared to the competition. Plus, Dr. Dabber designed the SWITCH with pass-through functionality so you can keep hitting it even while charging. 

Being that Dr. Dabber is primarily known for creating devices that are more concentrate-centric, it is interesting to see them try their hand at dry herb functionality. The SWITCH might need a little more fine-tuning when it comes to using dry herb, but the overall experience is still pleasant. With the induction coil, you are still going to get a ton of flavor and vapor production off of your legal dry herb (just maybe not as much as you get from concentrates).

Final Thoughts On The Dr. Dabber Switch

Dr. Dabber SWITCH closeup

As a luxury or high-end device, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH does a great job of being accessible to the majority of smokers out there. There is not nearly as much of a learning curve as with some of the other desktop vaporizers available on the market. 

With big companies falling short of the expectations of many smokers, it is nice to see a manufacturer like Dr. Dabber producing something that does not exclude any members of the community. As long as you can afford to pick up a SWITCH, you will be able to enjoy everything that legal cannabis has to offer.

Overall, the Dr. Dabber SWITCH is one of the most consistent and powerful devices available. There is little downside for this device, even when you get into the more complex temperature settings it sports. This device might very well be the last – and best – vape you get your hands on.

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