The SmokeSmith Gear Buyer's Guide To Glass Bubblers

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Bubblers have always been in an awkward place, stuck between classic hand pipes and their bigger siblings, the bong. They are the most under appreciated glass pipes, but a great bubbler is sure to blow you and all of your smoking entourage away. You just have to know what to look for when selecting a bubbler.

Whether you are looking for the perfect on-the-go pipe or just something to keep at home for everyday use, a bubbler is an excellent alternative to harsh hand pipes and expensive, large bongs. They allow you to experience the smoothness of a water pipe with the longevity and compact size of a traditional glass bowl, all in one package. There is no reason not to switch over to a bubbler for your go-to piece.

Bubblers are Taking Over the Glass Industry

Bubblers are great primarily because they fill the role of what previously needed two pieces. They are the best of both worlds, and with that comes the opportunity for insane innovation. Glass manufacturers all over have worked wonders when it comes to crafting ingenious bubblers.

One of the most notorious glass brands that has been absolutely killing it with their bubbler selection is GRAV Labs. This veteran company haGRAV Labs Upline Upright Bubblers been pumping out bubblers that transcend the barrier between bowl and bong. Pieces like the Upline Upright Bubbler pair pristine percolation with small stature to take every hit to the next level. Innovation is at a peak right now, with many glass manufacturers hopping on the bubbler train, not just GRAV Labs. But, with so much variety it can be difficult to make a selection. Keep these two key points in mind to help you find the perfect bubbler.

Quality Glass Makes a Great Bubbler

One of the most important factors to look for when trying to find a great bubbler is the quality of the glass itself. With so many manufacturers out there, it is essential to ensure that you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Borosilicate glass is primarily what you should be looking for when you are vetting glass manufacturers. This German-engineered glass sports increased durability and heat resistance that is unparalleled by other types of glass. Keep an eye out for keywords like "scientific" or "lab-quality glass" when you are searching for the perfect bubbler. These usually signify the use of borosilicate glass.

Find the Design that Fits Your Style

Outside of glass quality everything falls to personal preference when finding a great bubbler. There are a plethora of bubbler designs out there, with each type providing a unique smoking experience. Here are a few of the different bubbler designs to keep an eye out for.

Hammer Bubbler

GRAV Labs Basic Hammer BubblerThis is one of the best types of bubblers to pick up if you are worried about stability of the piece. It gets its name from the large "hammer head" that houses both the bowl and the water chamber. Since this type of bubbler is generally longer than it is tall, you do not have to worry nearly as much about knocking it over.

Sherlock Bubbler

Best Glass Sherlock BubblerThese are what most people associate with bubblers; sherlock bubblers are generally more popular than the other types available. You can spot one from a mile away by the "S" shape of the piece, modeled after old-school dry herb pipes that share the same name. This is the go-to bubbler for anyone that is just getting into them and wants the experience that started the bubbler craze.

Sidecar Bubbler

These bubblers aExample of Sidecar Bubblerre a little bit less common, but you can still find some quality sidecar pieces out there. These bubblers sport a side-mounted bowl and water chamber, and were created in order to mitigate the water splash back that a lot of older bubblers had problems with. If the sidecar style is your cup of tea, then give it a whirl.

Concentrate Bubbler

If you want to veer away from legalGRAV Labs 7" Upright Concentrate Bubbler dry herb and tackle some concentrates, then this is the only bubbler type you should be focusing on bubblers are designed specifically with oils and shatters in mind, and they typically throw out the standard tilted design of other bubblers. Keeping the piece upright allows for easy dabbing with a sturdy base that does not have the risk of falling over while you are fiddling with your torch.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are plenty of different types of bubblers available to legal cannabis consumers. But great bubblers, like hand pipes and bongs, are hard to weed out when there are so many options. In order to make sure you are getting the best bubbler possible, keep these points in mind. Quality of the glass is key to finding a piece that will last for a long time to come, and you should always be on the lookout for the type of piece that will fit your smoking style.

Personal preference plays a key role when finding a great glass pipe, so don’t be afraid to try a few out and see which style best suits you. Everyone's smoking arsenal is different, but there will always be room for a great bubbler. It is the ideal middle ground between harsh hand pipes and bulky bongs.

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