A First Look At The Grav Labs Arcline Series (Bongs, Pipes And Bubblers)

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Whether you prefer smoking out of a glass bubbler, chillum, beaker bong, or a hand pipe, GRAV Labs has you covered with their newest line of luxury glass pieces, which they have named the Arcline series. There is something here for just about any smoker, veteran or beginner, no matter what your preferences are. This high-end, durable line of glass is sure to elevate your smoking experience from the first hit.

GRAV Labs' Arcline series of glass pieces is inspired by Tuscan columns, as evident by the zealous use of staggered glass ledges. Just like the fame Italian architectural style, each Arcline piece is designed with durability and stability in mind. There are few other lines of glass pieces available right now that can compare to the structural integrity of Arcline. Each is designed and manufactured to provide an excellent experience, starting with the smallest piece in the line, the Arcline Upright Bubbler.

Arcline by GRAV Labs lineup

These heavy-duty pieces cost a pretty penny, but they are well worth it. Much like other luxury pieces and devices available right now, the Arcline series offers smokers something low-end manufacturers cannot: quality construction and aesthetic purity.

The Arcline Series Is Beautiful AND Durable

GRAV Labs Arcline Hemisphere BubblerNo matter if you pick up the Arcline Beaker Bong, the Arcline Hemisphere Bubbler, or any of the options in between, each piece from this line offers high quality construction that can't be matched by many glass manufacturers out there. Just like the columns this line is inspired by, Arcline pieces offer stability that far exceeds even GRAV Labs' past luxury line, Jane West.

One of the most sought after aspects of a glass pipe is its ability to stay upright and stable, no matter what you throw at it. With the intriguing design of the ArclineArcline Beaker Base Example series, this stability is present and accounted for. Each piece, even the Arcline Upright Bubbler, provides a stable smoking surface. In addition to their overall stability, each Arcline piece is constructed from thick, heavy borosilicate glass, just in case you actually manage to tip one over. This line is constructed with both stability and durability in mind, making it a true luxury experience for every smoker, from beginner to veteran.

The Arcline Series Offers Great Design

Not only does GRAV Labs' Arcline series offer high-end construction, but it also sports heightened visual appeal. Modeling each piece after Tuscan Columns provides both stability and a nice, simple aesthetic that cannot be matched by other glass lines available.

GRAV Labs Arcline Column StructureThe staggered column design is not the only visually appealing aspect of the Arcline series of glass pipes. GRAV Labs provides added appeal with their sandblasted and flame-polished logo etched into the extended mouthpiece of each pipe. From the column-like base and mouthpiece to the simplistic and stylish bowl piece, each glass pipe in the Arcline series provides an elegant, luxury experience that has been missing in the legal cannabis industry as of late.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your preferred smoking style is, the GRAV Labs Arcline series of glass pipes has something that will be perfect for you. Even fans of using concentrates have the ability to do so with any of the larger glass pieces from this line.

Stability, durability, and beauty are the three main components that make up GRAV Labs' Arcline series of hand and water pipes. Modeling each piece after ancient Tuscan Columns provides the necessary sturdiness and simple beauty that smokers expect out of a luxury product. SmokeSmith Gear is thrilled to provide access to the GRAV Labs Arcline series. There are few other luxury glass series that can compare.

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