Roger Stone And His Astonishing Nixon Head Bong

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Trump advisor and professional gadfly Roger Stone is know for many things, including his libertarian view and his dapper sense of style.  Love him or hate him you do have to appreciate that Stone is very involved in our industry.  He is an investor in a cannabis grow business that is working on a strain grown in Yorba Linda, California (Richard Nixon's hometown) that will be called "Tricky Dick." 

He is also the proud owner of a bong that is shaped like Nixon's head (along with a smaller hash pipe).  Stone is an avowed libertarian and cannabis advocate, and he worked for Nixon in 1970, helping collect funds for the Committee To Re-Elect The Preside (CREEP), where, per some sources, he was tasked with making donations to Nixon’s enemies on behalf of phony socialist organizations and planting a mole in Hubert Humphrey’s campaign.

The dude is a stone cold killer and the Nixon bong happens to be his most prized possession.  Given Nixon's view he himself would probably not find the existence of bongs and pipes made in his likeness very amusing, but we are happy to live in a world where such things exist.

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